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The other day I lashed out and bought a brand new Pioneer double casstte deck. I was wondering how I could get good new double cassette deck these days as the dual decks in my cheapo Teac portable stereo are very old, have broken mechanical buttons and the whole thing in general is not what you call quality hi-fi gear. It was only a few weeks ago I stumbled apon an ebay seller (electrical store and not just some random individual) who had ’10 or more’ of these decks listed at clearance price so I was keen on getting one. After searching around I found that the ebay price of $405AUD inc post was the best online price in the country so I bought one. I did realise that this was basically Pioneers lower end deck which was low on features etc but I was happy to get it. It had full logic controls which I really wanted, sadly no headphone output or tape counter though. I found out this was their last model from 2007 and they must of kept making them for a while as mine was made in April 2011 but they are no longer listed on the Pioneer site so that’s it then. No more decks from Pioneer. So it arrived and for what it is, its nice enough. Surprised it had dual capstans & rollers

Anyway, my problem/issue is that it has no remote control, how ever it has a control in out terminal and came with a 3.5mm plug cord which you can connect to a Pioneer receiver/amp which I don’t have and then you can use the receiver/amps remote to control the tape deck. By the looks of it the new Pioneer gear does not have the system remote control input/outputs anyway.

So is there anyway I can control play/pause/FF/RW /stop functions with a remote control on this deck? Can you connect a sensor/reciever to that cord I was supplied with in the box and then use a universal remote or another older Pioneer remote?