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Originally Posted by dsiroky View Post

I'm a bit further behind you in my build - just making the soffits at the moment, but I saw the picture of the grafik eye and it reminded me that I need to buy one just like that?

Where did you source your grafik eye here in Australia? or were you able to find someone overseas that would ship it here?

Hey dsiroky, so are your soffits holding everything, i.e air con, lights, projector, screen?

As for the GE, I ended up pricing them in Australia and found them too expensive. Ended up going with Mr Resistor in the UK. Sky was the chick there who gave me a quote, just ensure you advise her you need the quote without VAT. Also remember you will most likely need to pay import tax to clear customs here in Australia. Think it was $150 for me. Still cheaper then Australia in the end.

Good luck!
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Got the first coat of Gaiety Tan (no giggling please) painted and am loving the colour. Am considering using this same colour on the ceiling too, as the two tone thing doesn't really do it for me.

2nd wall coat done, and also the first coat of the ceiling finished in the same colour. Am loving it smile.gif

Started painting the casement box and the cover.

Am loving the spray paint gun. The finish is so much better than paint brush.

This part was tricky to do alone, but I managed to get it on the gyprock lift, and slowly work it into position, all while trying to avoid scratching the paint off.

Finally got it in, and all my finicky measuring pays off as it sits perfectly in the gap.

Really happy with the casement, as it's almost unnoticeable. Now time to hide all these cables.

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Pete, the tan color looks great and your screen and install looks pertect, congratulations!
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Great colour choice Pete. Looking really really good.

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Thanks guys for the comments. Am definitely happy about how everything is turning out. I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and all the precise measurements I checked and double checked are paying off now as it comes together. As everyone knows, it can be difficult when you have rooms that are never square.
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All the rear speakers are mounted and connected. The doors are off as I need to cut them down, in prep for the carpet, and also install the sound seals on the bottom. Not an easy job alone, considering they weigh almost as much as me.

Close up of the Richter Hydra IV surround. They have a silly mount at the back that makes the cable push the speaker out from the wall. In the end it's not too bad, as they are slightly angled down. Attached them with a wall mate, a single screw and some Velcro on the bottom to keep them tight to the wall.

A sample of the carpet that we like. Almost a black/purple look to it. Quite dark with the lights out, and a fairly unobtrusive pattern.

Quite a job, but all of the power/etc mounts have now been connected and attached to the wall. The on wall cabinet will sit over these to hide them all. Also attached the TV mount. Had to look back on old pictures to confirm where the studs were. If I built again I would take a picture of the naked walls and add in the measurements of all studs in the picture for reference. Would make life easier later.
You can also see the start of the bracket system for the cabinet. There will be 3 brackets up top and 3 below to hold it up.

A mock up of the floating cabinet. It's 2 Besta units from Ikea attached together and the legs removed. I have it on kitchen cabinet mounts at the moment while I play with the height. Am extremely pleased with the squareness of the screen, as it sits only an inch or so above the cabinet, if it wasn't square it would show quite obviously.

Getting very close now. Next up is attaching the cabinet, then carpet and equipment.
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Looking good! I like the soffits/lights
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Thanks Pete, I'm very happy with that aspect. Still need to program the zones to get the most out of it though.

Any chance of an update in your thread?
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Originally Posted by TheSly View Post

Any chance of an update in your thread?

BAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

You're kidding right? smile.gif

Sadly no.....I've been tinkering with my speakers in the living room a little (crossover/eq etc), but apart from that nothing. If my wife starts working again this year (cross fingers) I might be able to start again in November when I have a tidy pile of share options maturing that will at least get the room completely finished and mostly treated (no gear though). I'll then slowly add stuff as we can afford it (LCRs, then screen, then rears, then subs)
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The cabinet is a Besta from Ikea, and as I discovered the top and bottom is very thin piece of laminated MDF, meaning it will not even hold a screw. I came up with a plan to attach some pine on the bottom, screwing it into the edges, which is the only place it can grab. Painted it black afterwards, and used that take the bulk of the cabinet weight.

I used 6 L brackets, 3 upside down ones on the bottom, and 3 on the top, all hidden from view. Painted them the wall colour to avoid any light shining off them. The top brackets have a system attaching them to the top back piece of the cabinet, meaning they are more effective at stopping the cabinet sliding forward. I couldn't find L brackets long enough to go the full length of the cabinet (I have it starting 120mm from the wall for air and cable access), and also be small enough to not be seen, so the cabinet would of either titled forward, or put a great deal of strain on the top screws as it tried to topple forward. I used a 150mm metal L bracket to attach to the back of the cabinet on the frame, as it's the only solid wood on that cabinet, and to the wall bracket. I used 3 of these on all the top brackets.

Leveled it all up, and screwed it all down. Very happy with the floating look of it, and also that the extra piece of pine is obscured from view.

Access to the backs of the components is fairly easy. Enough room for a light and an arm to do what needs to be done.

Lastly I started painting the architrave trim. Just an undercoat, but am considering leaving it white depending on how it looks. Need to get this down and painted before the carpet comes.

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Congrats on the room mate, you definetly have some talent! Look forward to the finished product....
Noticed some acoustic treatments in your render on page 1 are you going the DIY route or buying off the shelf? Are you planning on 1st reflection points only or looking at something more?
Keep the updates coming.....
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The floating look is nice. We've done that with some cheap bedside tables and it really makes things look more sleek cool.gif
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Originally Posted by GETREAL95 View Post

Congrats on the room mate, you definetly have some talent! Look forward to the finished product....
Noticed some acoustic treatments in your render on page 1 are you going the DIY route or buying off the shelf? Are you planning on 1st reflection points only or looking at something more?
Keep the updates coming.....

Thanks for the kind words, sorry I haven't been in here to reply, slightly rude on my part.

I had envisioned 2 treatments on the walls but I'm not sure I need them. The room is essentially finished, so just need to get some pics up, but I have some bass traps in the corners which seem to do the job. I have the materials for 1st reflection points but will see if time allows it.
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Originally Posted by NickTheGreat View Post

The floating look is nice. We've done that with some cheap bedside tables and it really makes things look more sleek cool.gif

It's come out brilliantly, but was way more work than I imagined....like everything in the room hehe
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Bass trap time.

Test fit is very close. Once the carpet goes in it will be tight. The carpet is a month or so away, so am using the room with all the gear in. Will need to remove the cabinet for the carpet though.

Time to cut up some Bradford Glasswool and pack it in. The kitchen bread knife comes in handy for this.

All done. Saw this design online somewhere. Very easy to put together.

Wrapping it in some cotton wadding to give it a nice spongy feel, and to keep any wayward fibres from escaping.

All done, next I took it inside to staple the black cotton around the outside. Seems I didn't take any pics of that stage.

Let's jump inside where I've now completed both and have squashed them into the corners. Screen up.

And screen down versions. They actually work well to cut the boomyness of the bass out, and I'm very happy with them. In regards to the wall of speakers/subs/cabinets, originally the subs were meant to go on the left and right walls, but after some testing I found they work best at the front facing forward. Even though look wise I prefer them on the side, soundwise they work best here, so they're staying. The added benefit is when the movie is on the black of the speakers/traps/cabinet around the screen make it very dark, so you see no wall at all, which is great!

I have a temp rug in place, so can't wait to get rid of that and get the carpet down next. Wohoo, getting close smile.gif
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Hey there Peter,

You've been busy and the results look great. I love having the dedicated screening room but sometimes a large screen TV would be awesome as well. You have done both well.

I credit all of your good work to the gyprock lift I supplied!

Looking more and more like a home theatre!
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Haha, thanks mate. I managed to sell it for roughly the same amount I got it off you so I'm paying it forward to someone else who will use some more of it's magic. In all seriousness it's a piece of kit that, next to my drop saw table, was the best tool I used for the whole room. Just not possible without it.

The versatility of the room with the two screens is a great factor as that large screen can be a little off putting if you walk into the room blindly. I've enjoyed watching people's reaction when they sit down and look at the tv, then the screen slides down over top. Hehe, has its own little wow factor.
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Sly, I have to say that your drop down screen design is the best I've ever seen. Top marks.
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Originally Posted by Jonny5nz View Post

Sly, I have to say that your drop down screen design is the best I've ever seen. Top marks.

Thanks mate. It seemed to make sense in relation to how we wanted to use the room. When are you pulling the trigger and getting started on your dream project?
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Time for a huge post as the room is essentially complete now. Wohoo! Such a relief to get it finished, and the family have been enjoying movies for a few months, while I've also been enjoying both gaming/movies and the serenity. I'll post a bunch of images of the final shots. Sorry if there are too many, I got a little snap happy considering it's probably my final update smile.gif

Carpet being laid. Had to painfully remove the floating cabinet for them to do this.

Carpet was just finished, and I started getting the cabinet ready to be mounted again. Love the colour actually.

This next shot is a few weeks on. I installed some storage at the back, set up the display cabinet and also got my mum involved to sew up an ultra thick sound blocking curtain. No photos of all that unfortunately. The curtain is a standard blockout curtain, with 4 layers of thick black polar fleece sewn on the back. Does an excellent job of blocking any sounds through the double glazed window.

Spent some timing running the wiring on the cabinet so it's clean and unobtrusive. The cabinet is a zone on the GE, so is controllable remotely. Originally had planned for doors on the media storage, but didn't feel it was needed in the end.

Someone's watching...
TV's great in the room for day to day viewing. It actually works really well. The Denon 2313 AMP with the dual HDMI out means switching to the projector is seemless and the content just continues to play from that point.

Closeup of the floating cabinet.

This lounge is very comfy, and the ottoman is a must have. All 12+ gaming controllers, 2xguitars, extra cables and source remotes are stored in there.

Better shot of the hush box and the back storage area. The back lights are their own zone, so it's easy to find a movie without disturbing people watching something.

Some of the cool Game/Movie collectables I've gathered over the years. Hiding the cables here was not an easy task, as there are 5 separate 30cm LED strip lights inside this cabinet.

Not related to the build, but let me indulge myself for a little...

The Grafik Eye, the air con controls and the temp gauge can be see on the wall here. I'm surprised the room feels so big and just fits so well this way. Originally we had never envisioned using this room in this layout, or even as a HT. So glad it's the way we went.

As expected, the screen comes down/up automatically when the projector turns on/off.

Close up of the hush box with the glass insert. I've tried with and without the glass and I see no difference in distortion or light amount.

Initially I was concerned about the screen width being too big. Not anymore. Very happy with the size.

Lights off.

I love gaming on this screen. Adds a whole other dimension to the experience.

I normally hate posts of the screen, as you lose the idea of perspective, and the camera doesn't capture what you see well....so in saying that I'll only post 1 just to ensure I fit in around here wink.gif

So where to from here. Well there are a few minor things to do, as many of you know, the list never really ends. I'm generally happy with everything, so am content to sit around and just enjoy the room for now.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, and I appreciate any comments and positive feedback people have left. It at least doesn't feel like you're slogging away on the room alone when you have people reading along during the journey.

Now, back to catching up on all the movies I've stored over the last 18months just waiting for a chance to watch them on a decent setup smile.gif
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Looks GREAT. I like having a large ottoman like that. Kinda turns it into a giant chaise lounge or something cool.gif
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Fantastic finish Pete! I love how your room turned out. The pictures are great, can almost never have too many. You're right, we're not alone with our AVS friends along for the ride too. Enjoy!
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Congratulations Peter. First rate work. Its not until you sit down and enjoy a movie in your own home cinema that you will truly realise how hard youve worked and that it is all so worthwhile. I still have friends visit who have not seen my finished room and they are just amazed. Its just so cool. Enjoy your room and have fun catching up on all those movies.
Popcorn time!
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whoah, I can't believe I only stumbled upon this thread today!

that is one really nice build / setup !
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Great pictures. I am very jealous. And as others have said you can never have too many photos.

I won't get to start my dream room started for a couple of more years yet 😕
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