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Did I get a fair swap? Samsung 3d

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Well after 3 weeks of the techs coming in and trying to repair my Un60d6450 they finally said they couldnt fix it and ordered an exchange. The first TV they offered me was the UN60ES6000 which made no sense as it didnt have 3d or smart hub capabilities so i told them I won't except that and they were being unreasonable.

After another call they finally agreed on an exchange for a UN60ES6500/ 3d smart hub. Does this sound like an even exchange or did I get crapped on again lol. The Tv isnt even listed on the website but I do see it on some other websites on preorder. It states that it comes with 2 active glasses stock but Samsung says it doesn't which confuses me and my 2011 glasses won't work. i contacted the retailers and they stated it wasnt a promotion with the glasses so they come stock but samsung claims it doesnt. Is good old Sammy just confused?

Anybody have any info on this new TV and did I get an even trade?
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I've found the UN60ES6500, but I've found no reference to a ES6000. I have found reference to an EH6000 (not 3D) and ES6100 (also not 3D). If you mean the 6500, then yes, it does include 2 pairs of glasses.

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Ok, hopefully they do. as the 2011 glasses are not compatible for some reason.
I dont know why samsung is telling me that it doesnt include it but the 2 websites on pre-order say they come stockand is not a promotion. Guess Ill have to wait.

They were trying to exchange my 6450 model for the ES6000 but they finally realized that wouldnt be fair so they gave me the ES6500.

In your opinion did I agree on a decent swap?
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If they're swapping the 6450 for the 6500 at no cost, then it's a fair deal.

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This is why I will never buy another Samsung TV. I had a DLP break on me after 1.5 years. Also, with the class action settlement that Samsung agreed to, I will never trust that company again. Samsung was using poor quality capacitors in their TV for a while and somebody sued them.

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My Samsung died just before one year. It got sent in, then I got word two weeks later that apparently the part was damaged during shipping. Then a few weeks later they phoned me and told me there were no more parts available and would I like to get a newer model. The one they offered me was a 120hz model vs my 60hz so I was happy. A week later they phoned me and told me that that model was no longer available and would I accept xxxxx model? I googled it and it was essentially the same model as mine except that this was a year later and it now retailed for $100 less than the one I paid for. I didn't accept their offer obviously and told them I wanted my money back. They gave me a credit for the store which I bought it from. All told this was more than 3 months without a television. Did I buy another Samsung with my credit? Screw that. I bought an LG and it has been fantastic. Don't buy a Samsung - their customer service is deplorable.
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Yeah but from what ive noticed the samsung reps have been helpful but the executive relations department still was a hassle. I own 3 samsungs and had 1 repaired for a bad main board and this 6450 was a total lemon. Hopefully no problems ensue with the 2012 model I'm getting. Guess the relations department was wrong about the glasses. All the 2012 3d models 6500 up will come with a pair. hopefully I dont have anymore problems.
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Sorry to hear you've had problems with Samsung. For what it's worth, I have had nothing but good experiences with them over the years.
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So I work at a Big Box store and I have palyed with the ES6500 and I know that it has Bulit in Wifi, 3D and smart hub and the Web Broweser wich was only on some of the D modles. So i am not sure what the D6450 has in features but if its like the D6420 then you are geting a good deal.
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The d6420 was best buys exclusive and 6450 was samsclub and costco exclusive tv. The specs were exactly the same I think. So I'm just patiently waiting for my un60e6500. I guess the the 2012 version is the same except the wifi is built in and runs dual core. Also backlit
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I didnt want to start a new thread but I'm in a dilemma on which TV to keep. I have my 2010 55C6400 which I was going to sell and get the 2011 55d6050. The reason being is the warranty is alomost up on the 6400 and I can get the 6050 for cheap but is the picture quality that much different between the 2? Otherwise Ill just renew my warranty and keep it. The 6050 is a smart tv but i'm wondering what the major difference is between these models from 2010 to 2011
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