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LC70C7450u or LC-70LE735u or XBR65HX929

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So I was in Frys yesterday, and they had a TV branded LC70C7450u on the floor, I was unable to get a good look at it because I got pushed to the side by a salesman with a family, but it was clearly one of the 2012 sets, and edge lit.

I have been looking at the 735u or the 65HX929 and agonizing over a choice, Looking at the Demo units I could find for the 735 I noticed dark corners on a lot of them, and more than a little DSE. From the little bit I was able to see of the 7450u it seems like it had no dark corners issue, and less DSE, but I think the viewing angles might be noticeably worse, It was hard to get a good look at it even waiting forever the other people looking at it didn't leave. The 735 was in bright light, the 7450u was in lower light, the 735 was mounted at a correct viewing angle, the 7450u was well above the correct viewing height, so it's really hard to make a good comparison.

My questions comes down to, has anyone else had a chance to look at the 7450u? how does it compare to the 735u? Is anyone aware of the actual difference between the 745u and the 7450u? And is the HX929 worth the much higher price tag and smaller screen in comparison to these sets?
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I picked up the 7450U last night.....

After 1 night, I'm pretty happy with it...

No dark corners on the 7450U

No info on it on the Sharp website though, and basically no info to be found on the web about it........

Got it for what I think is a decent price from a local retailer in my area.

The viewing angle isn't the greatest, but I sit in front of it when watching, so not really a deal breaker for me......

Unless you can get a great price on the HX929, I would think the 7450U would be fine, plus you get the extra 5"......

just my opinion...

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There are some pretty good deals on the 929 right now, and I find it pretty desirable, however I think the extra 5" is pretty noticeable, My biggest curiosity is how the 735u stacks up against the 7450u, it was pretty much impossible to compare them at Frys, due to how different the setups were. I think I want to get the better of the 2 sets.
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Went to Bestbuy and LC-70LE735U are sold out but they have them in stock on their website. They also said they are not getting anymore 735U. I get this feeling they were lying to us

Most folks are saying 735U being full array is better when compared to edge lit 745U.
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