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Hi, I've got two Dayton Audio amps:

They both have got auto-sensing on/off functionality, but the volume needed on the sources for them to kick in is too loud. Or, actually, the main issue is that they shut off if I'm playing music at a low volume (and the rear speakers in my 5.1 setup, powered by the 12ch amp, usually never turns on since they are used for mostly ambient sounds...).

Is my only option to just have them on at all times? The 12ch amp can also be powered up by an external trigger, but not the 150W one (powering my sub).

The 12ch amp is fed with 2x Sonos Connects + front+center+rear from HTPC, the 150W "sub amp" is fed with both sub from HTPC and the output from one of the Sonos Connects (using passive audio combiners, to utitilize the sub also when playing music).

Any suggestions?

edit: Granted, I haven't "fine-tuned" the gains yet either, I'll need to lower them so that the maximum line in level is as loud as I want to go, and that might help (very skeptical about it helping the rears though...)