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Jonny5's Home Theatre (11.2' wide x 13.5' long) - Early plans from Plasma to Projector.

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I have been dreaming about creating my 'man cave' since moving into my new house a few years ago. In my last house I had a Sony HS10 projector in a bedroom I had converted to a home theatre.

In my new house we have had to rent out downstairs so that my wife didn't have to go to work and could raise our three girls .

Anywho... my wife is nearly ready to get a part time job, and then we can take back downstairs which I have great plans for (great by a poor mans standard).

There is currently no internal access, so that will be our first big cost. My wife plans on taking over the downstairs kitchen/dining area to be her studio for her paper crafting. I plan on taking over the lounge for my man cave!

I have messed around with the free floor planner program and have come up with this:

Today I took some photos of downstairs and then played around with the photo to mock up what it will look like (colours and proportions etc.) I have some before and after below:

I plan on getting either a 60" ST50 or 65" ST50 depending on sales at the time.

Although I don't expect to write too much in here for many months, I cannot wait and creating a thread like this will help keep me focused on my dream.


UPDATE (30/01/2013):

I've decided to go the full monty on my HT.  Here are my latest concepts:




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Hey Jonny, long time since we spoke, nice to see you are still into you home theater stuff and getting excited about your next project - I will be following it with interest. Interesting to see that you are going for a big TV rather than projector?

Great to see your family is doing really well.

We have just sold our house and moving into a new house in mid April where I will build theater number 2. Ordered some really awesome electric recliners from Furniture City on the shore...

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Hey Xander, good to hear from you. Having three girls aged 4.5, 3, and 1.5 is pretty trying at times and definitely tiring!

I've decided to go for a large plasma for a few reasons, the main one being ease of use for regular day to day tv viewing; secondly because of the price (so cheap compared to 8+ years ago!) and also because I like plasma tech the best (at least until OLED gets here at comparable prices).

What I have decided to do is to paint the side wall (seen in the photos as light grey) in the Dulux Thomas Tallis shade so that if I decide to go 'projector' again in the future, then I have a wall ready to go.

I look forward to seeing your new home theatre and build. Where abouts did you buy? Is there a room ready to be converted?

I see you went with an Epson 3D projector. How does it compare to the Panasonic AE7000?
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I love playing around with photoshop!

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Here is the list of equipment I plan on using for my home theatre downstairs:

Panasonic Viera TH-P65ST50Z - NZ$4399.00

Onkyo TX-NR609 - NZ$698.00

Wharfedale Diamond 9 Theatre Speaker Pack - NZ$1590 consisting of:
* Diamond 9.5 30-150W Front Speakers
* Diamond 9.1 20-100W Rear Surround Speakers
* Diamond 9CS Centre speaker 20-120W
* Diamond SW150 10" 150W Active Subwoofer

PS3 (for Blu-ray)

Xbox360 (for gaming)

Panasonic PT-AE7000 – NZ$4393.00 (If my budget can cover it)

If anyone has any better suggestions for equipment that is about the same value, then please let me know.
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I just found the perfect seating for my small home theatre!:

And here is my new mancave layout:

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I like this new layout better than the original. But I am also the type of guy who appreciates symmetry.
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I also like the new layout. What is that in the lower left corner of the room, next to what will be your front right speaker?
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That will be the equipment rack.

I really like the symmetry also.

I am also thinking about adding some greenery like this:

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Originally Posted by Jonny5nz View Post

That will be the equipment rack.

Got it. I thought your equipment was hiding in a stand under the tv. I see some cabinets in the back of your room. Have you given any thought to hiding your equipment back there. It would give you a nice, clean front wall.
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If I can get away with putting all the equipment under the tv, then I'll not use an equipment rack.

I've thought about putting it at the back of the room, but my main issue is cable management, since I won't be pulling the wall apart.

I also like how in the above 'plant' picture the greenery is still quite symmetrical.
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Here is a new mock up for down stairs:


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I've been looking through the interwebs to find pictures of peoples set-ups. The following photos I really admire and have given me inspiration for what I want to achieve. I have picked these photos for various reasons, such as equipment, colour and/or overall style. I thought I would share them here so that others may also have inspiration.












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I'm debating colour schemes. Which do you guys think looks best? I'm leaning towards the two tone ceiling (black & white/beige) the reason being that I think it has a better WAF.



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Originally Posted by Jonny5nz View Post

In my new house we have had to rent out downstairs so that my wife didn't have to go to work and could raise our three girls

Ah. The joys of fatherhood! rolleyes.gif

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Okay, so after reading many awesome dedicated HT threads on here, it's given me inspiration to truly convert downstairs into a Home Theatre. I've just learnt some Sketchup skills so I gave it a go.

I still plan on having my 65" plasma:

But I will be having an electric 120" tensioned screen dropping down from the soffit:

Here is a picture of my ceiling detail with the soffits etc...
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Hi David, thanks for the input.
1. My room is pretty small, it's 13' by 15.5'.
2. The doorway is open, I thought about putting an concertina type door, but now I'm thinking about just thick curtains, or a bar. My wife is unlikely to use her area when we're watching a movie. As for sound isolation, the problem is going to be the ceiling and I haven't thought about it too much... yet.
3. That theatre is my favourite looking one too.
4. The sofa is from a place in Auckland, I forget the name. I found some similar sofas at this USA website: http://4seating.com/
5. Yeah I hate wrinkles too. I haven't seen a tensioned screen in person so I don't know how effective they are.
6. No worries on spending too much money, this build will take years I suspect. But I love to talk/dream/think about it.

In the mean time I will be increasing my knowledge on HT builds and get my plans down to perfection.
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Virtual progress:





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Hi Jonny, hoe gaan dit maat? Wanneer dink jy gaan jy begin met jou teater?

I like your mock-up VERY much. It shows what can be done in a smaller space - look very classy!

Have a great day!

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My wife's craft room is gonna be right next to my HT and I was only going to separate them with a curtain, however I've seen this bookshelf french door idea and it would be awesome and practical for my wife's crafty things... and a secret entrance to the HT!

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Do it. Do IT. DO IT! cool.gif
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Okay, I've reviewed my plans for downstairs and decided to twist it 90 degrees. This gives me more length to have a bigger screen size, it also means I can paint my screen on the wall and not worry about the window (saving money on a screen). I think I will go for a constant height screen, using curtains to make it 16:9. I've also decided to divide my ceiling into quarters.

Twisting the layout 90 degrees also solves the access issues I was having with getting into my wife's studio and the other door.

This will now be the screen wall:

I've drawn up some sketches to show my ideas.

What do you think?
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So the PJ will shoot in the long direction? I'm a n00b myself, but I believe that is preferable.

The craft room is now on the left, when watching the movie? Or is that the window?
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I've just worked out that a 60" (1.5m) constant height will give me a 120" 16:9 screen and a 150" 2.35:1 screen, which will just fit on my wall. Will the Panasonic AE8000 manage it in 15.5"?

Edit: Hmmmm, looking at the projector calculator, the AE8000 will just manage the 120" 16:9, but I'm dreaming with the 150" 2.35:1, I'll need at least a 21' throw.
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Originally Posted by NickTheGreat View Post

The craft room is now on the left, when watching the movie? Or is that the window?

The craft room will be to the right of the seating area.

I'm going to have to have a constant width screen, which means horizontal masking.
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Looking at the Projector Screen Calculator at http://panasonic.net/avc/projector/calculator/ it looks as though I can get a 130" 16:9 screen...

and a 123" 2.35:1 screen...

I think I may be able to get away with only having to mask the bottom third of the screen... sweet!
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Putting my Sketchup skills to use with a 130" 16:9 screen.

And here is the masking from the top to make a 123" 2.35:1 screen:

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I don't know anything but I'm curious why you mask the top of the screen? Why not the bottom? Or a little of both?
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Well, I'm not entirely sure I can do it automatically with the Panny AE8000 Lens Shift, but masking just the top will be heaps easier/tidier to do than the bottom, and I was thinking of using velveteen Roman Blinds.
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Here is a pic of the ceiling. I want to get rope lighting inside the four coffers.

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