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Integra 40.1 audio won't turn on

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Last week my Integra decided to stop turning on the audio when the unit turns on. Normally the receiver turns on, and then the relay clicks and the sound comes on. Now it doesn't click, and the sound doesn't come on. This is sporadic, not every time. Last night, the sound came on normally for about 10 seconds, and then stopped. I had to power off the receiver and then turn it back on. It took probably 15 seconds for it to finally start the audio again, and it acted like it wasn't going to. It's two years old and has worked terrifically up until last week. What is going on? Nothing has been changed; it just started doing this.
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my onk3007 acts like this, i believe my HDMI card is bad.....
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Everything works except the sporadic turning on or not turning on of the audio. I'm putting all HDMI's from all components into the receiver and one out to the plasma.
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The service tech from the authorized dealer I bought this from came out and said it's definitely bad and only going to get worse, so he took it and is sending it to an authorized service center in L.A. He labeled every wire coming out of the receiver and turned on my plasma's speakers and moved the HDMI out from the receiver to the Dish box out. I'll advise what it was when I get word.
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Well, it came back from Integra Service and it was a bad "HDMI module". Well, the new one ain't so great either. It worked from last Friday to last night, and now no audio again. My dealer has been notified, and now I'm getting a little warm under the collar. Plus it was SO much fun completely rebuilding all of my settings from scratch. Luckily, I took screen shots with a camera, downloaded them to my laptop and then went through every screen. Took most of Saturday, and still having problems on fine details with my Harmony 890. Here we go again......
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Just sent mine in for repair for the same reason. Bought it in November of 2009 and it has been great. Replaced my 6.1 with this one to gain HDMI capability. I couldoccasionally get the sound back clearing the unit, but even that stopped working.
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It's been back for a week now with no problems so far. Same problem; "HDMI module" needed replacement. Next time it will be a new 40.3 because they don't have any 40.1's anymore.
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Mine is still sitting waiting for Onkyo to authorize repair. I can't find my original receipt,but sent a copy of the check I paid for it. I have called and emailed the rep at Onkyo three times, and the service center says they can't help. Called the company I bought it from, no help. Onkyo, this is part of your product....follow up. Check shows I bought it on November 24th, 2009...so still under warranty. They have had it now for over two weeks....not good customer support.
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Well, it's me again. Just went silent again today. I've emailed my dealer and told him that's it, negotiate with Integra for a new 40.3, because I'm done. Three times and out.
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Finally got mine back yesterday. It was the HDMI board. Looks like a weak point in this unit.
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Well, Integra wouldn't go down without a fight.. My dealer said that all Integra could do is get me a new 40.4 since all the .2 and .3 models are sold and gone. Normally this would be good news, but Integra wouldn't do it without an extra $200 for the "upgrade". After a lot of arguing and me trying to apply logic to the situation, they would not relent, so I had to spend $200 to get a replacement receiver for one that doesn't work and is under warranty! I'm still scratching my head on that one. One other cost: The Onkyo iPod cradle that I bought for the 40.1 has no input on the 40.4...not even the dealer could believe it...so I had to spend $100 for the new cradle that does plug into the receiver. At this point I'm not a huge Integra/Onkyo fan.
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Thankful to come across this thread! My unit it doing the same thing! I've been fighting with Integra for 3 weeks now and they finally passed me to another department. We'll see where we go from here.

My HDMI board was replaced 9 months ago and I'm still under warranty. My hang up seems to be that I don't have a receipt. The store I purchased from is out of business. Integra did pull me up through the serial number and it shows place of purchase, date of purchase, serial number. Don't know what else they need? Seems like they're trying to weasle out. I'll report here as to what happens.
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