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Pan 75U and XBOX experiences  

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Am I doing something wrong here?

I hooked up my XBOX to the 75U via breakout cables. I was getting the 525p signal and used the S4:3 mode on my 16:9 (in progress) screen. When I played HALO I was pretty disappointed by all the jagged edges on the graphics. I mean it wasn't like ATARI but it was a big difference from my 36' TV. I know I blew up the image but now I am using a HD ready source. The colors were pretty dark as well. When I popped in Spiderman the jagged edges were not that bad but the image was very dark.

Anyone have experience with the 75U and XBOX who would like to share any setting secrets. I remember playing DOA3 on a wall when I demoed this unit a few months ago and the image was awesome using only composite cables.
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Hey, I'd like to see that 36' TV. :)

How big was the image you're projecting from the 75U? I run with an 80" diagonal 4:3.

Remember, even though the Xbox can do hi-def, most games (all so far I think) only do 480p. Most games (Halo) don't do fullscreen antialiasing either. So, yes, you see jaggies.

However, if your Xbox thinks your 'TV' is Widescreen, it will output an anamorphic signal for some games (DOA3, Rallisport). This can really help reduce the jaggies.

Sorry, don't have Spiderman, so don't know about any color issues there. None of the games I have played have colors that are 'too dark.'

Which display mode are you using? Natural, Standard or Dynamic?
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I was projecting in standard mode via S4:3 setting. My xbox was set to 4:3 mode. My image size is approx 72 by 54 (4:3). I have a DOA3 demo. Maybe I should check that out.
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may you want to set menu< resizing> to off you will get compressed screen.. also you may want to use rgb2 input. from menu<option>. also auto yrb . switch between auto yrb.off. or you may want<otc> for timing.
try that if not it has to do with timing.
i`ll say that your break out cable is high end one. if not change it.
good luck. i don`t have xbox. i`ll tell you more if i have
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Marty, I've been using 'normal' mode lately. It robs a little of the punch of 'standard' mode, but the picture looks a little less 'digital' to me. Do you use standard mode for movies as well? Sometimes standard looks better, other times normal looks better. I can't decide.

Your 4:3 screen size is larger than mine. This would add to your jaggies a bit (not much though). That said, Halo is definately jaggy at 480p. The knife slices both ways I guess - you get the increased clarity of a progressive signal, but for that, you get to see all the pixels. Hopefully more games will take advantage of full screen antialiasing in the future.

Also, you didn't mention what connection type you were using from your Xbox to your 36" direct view. On my friend's HiDef capable 36" JVC fed 480p, we noticed jaggies. On my non-HiDef 36" Sony XBR fed SVideo, things look pretty smooth.
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So far I am using standard for picture viewing. Although this is in an incomplete HT room. I will try normal for the XBOX. I was hoping that I had my settings wrong. Oh well if it is a programming problem that is good. Hopefully other developers will take advantage of the XBOX'x full potential.

As far as my 36" xbox hookup I was using component on a Toshiba Non-HD set.
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