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Please Help Me Buy A Home Cinema Projector!  

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Hi... I Have No Understanding In Projectors... And im Not that Rich! :)

I Have A Small Room That i want to turn into a "Home Cinema Room"
i bought a Reciver and Some Speakers and now i need a Projector...
Im Allowd To spend 3000$ on it!!! So if you Can Please help Me Out And Offer Me Some GREAT Projectors And GREAT Places to buy them at in the us if possible i would be Greatful Forever!!! :D
Thanks Alot.....

Btw: SomeOne told me the Best Home Cinema Projectors Are:

1.Optoma H55 - 4500$
2. Plus Piano HE-3100 - 2999$
3.InFocus Home Screenplay 110 - 4000$

What Do You think???
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The projectors you mention are out of your price range?
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Send an e-mail to Jason Turk here at AVS...he's one of the admins. Ask him about the NEC LT150 refurbs. They go for around $2k and are one of the best HT pj's you'll find for the money. The extra cash can then be put towards a screen, HTPC or p-scan DVD player, etc.
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Is there a way to find out what specific refurbs Jason is offering?
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You might look at the LT-150 (refurb), the Panny AE100 (import) which are two nice units in your price range.

Otherwise just hop around the threads here and see the other units that are popular.
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As the owner of a Plus Piano, I can say that the water is fine. Come on in! The Piano is a plug'n'play device, easy to install, quiet, unobtrusive and good. Do a search for Piano and you will see threads in which others state that the Panasonic AE100 is better and cheaper. Some of these threads give good factual comparisons that need not be repeated here. And the LT-150 was the craze before the AE100, and is owned by some sophisiticated forum members, so it is a real good possibility too. SPend a little time reading up on them, and get a look at them in action if you possibly can.
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Yo Crazy-Shadow:

You are going to have to be a little more specific for a person to give you more precise help.

1) What is the size of the room the projector will go into
2) What screen size are you looking at
3) How much ambient light is there in the room

From the basic info you have provided I would say you want to stay away from the SVGA projectors and lean towards the XGA type. The higher resolution will help cut down on the screen door effect (LCD projectors are probably what you are going to find the most of in your price range). Without doing price searching for you I would venture to say that you will be looking at a refurb in order to have the higher res and still stay close to your price range.

I would suggest you go to Projector Central Search and see what you can find in your price range and then do a search here to see if you can find any info here on ones that fall into your price range.
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I second what Altaman just said and would recommend that you get the highest resolution you can afford.

If you plan to use your PJ just for viewing DVD and NTSC signals then VGA and WVGA is just fine for your purpose.

However, if you are going to use it for HDTV, then you should get a PJ that is capable of displaying at least 1080i NATIVELY (you need 540 lines for that not 480, VGA projectors have to down-convert since they do not have enough pixels). So AE-100 would not be the best choice there.

Personally I could not stand the screen door effects of 640 by 480 - BAD (and 852 by 480) and 800 by 600 - BETTER resolution projectors and could not justify spending this much on a machine that is already outdated (much of the HDTV programs are being produced in 540P, 720P, and 1080i).

I purchased Viewsonic PJ1075 XGA DLP (less than 2k direct from Viewsonic) and hooked it up to my HTPC and I could not be happier. The picture is rock solid. I cannot see the screen door effect and brightness and contrast is better than any LCD in the price range. Only resolution I cannot do is 1080P, but to my knowledge there is no material available at that resolution.

My 2 cents

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