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Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me, im interested in getting the "ONKYO HTS-9405 THX" HTIB but it seems to be the only Onkyo product that hasnt got a review on the web, which is quite strange since Onkyo is quoting it as their top packaged system.

I tried the system in a shop, it sounds brilliant, but i would like to know if any of you guys purchased this system and tried it at first hand, the shop ive tried it in has perfect room acoustics to start with, so i would like to have some decent info from someone using it in a normal environment.

For some extra cash (170 more) the guy offered me an Onkyo TX-NR509 reciever + the Bose Acoustimass 10 speaker package, i like the reciever but a little less the bose, love the size though and the sound isnt that bad at all i have to admit, lacks some punch from the sub, but the guy wasnt really cranking the volume a lot.

Any comments on the latter would be appreciated, i thought choosing a plasma tv was going to be difficult but i was wrong, audio combinations are endless, this is driving me nuts! please help! cheers.