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Official samsung smart tv interface

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I wanted to start a forum to discuss issues, mods, hacks, updates and all else related to Samsung's Smart TV interface. This will apply to multiple models, all sizes spanning over multiple years. Samsung is updating firmwares and likely updating capabilities.

In addition to surfing Netflix, Hulu plus, youtube and the generalized web, smart tv has an app store and a browser to view shared files on networked pcs.

As an opening question, (using a UN60d8000) has anyone gotten gmail to run on their internet browser? I know its less than ideal setting, but when I tried to log in, it hangs up when loading my page. Maybe the tv ran out of ram to display all my messages?
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Why dont you post this on the Samsung website and see what they say. Lately I have seen lots of websites that seem to be writing code that does not work on one browser or another. I really dont like google. Google software has always been buggy. I think a lot of these websites are writing code expecting you to have gigs of storage space and about 8 gigs of RAM. On my computer I might try to delete the history once in a while. I dont know if you can do that on the tv browser.
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Most independent websites have rated Samsung's app store as being one of the best in class, but I have to say I'm underwhelmed. I had hoped I wouldn't have to buy a Roku or WD, but there's just not much meat on Smart Hub yet.
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Ive registered on Samsung however I'm not able to login on my es7500. I'm connected to the Internet as I can browse the web, stream Hulu and Netflix; but when I try to login to allow me to download new apps I keep getting an error message. Has anyone had this issue before?

I'm on the latest software. I just got the tv and it immediately updated.

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Have you ever gotten gmail to load? I have d7000 and gmail hangs up the browser.
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