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Is this distracting??

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I am redesigning my HT and have some accoustical treatment panels I created a few years ago already up along the side walls of the HT. Since building the stage this week, my wife thought it would look good to bookend the side panels of the stage with these fabric panels. I was originally planning to use nothing but black velvet but I'm contemplating her idea (does require some mods to fit however).

Does adding these panels seem to you to be a distraction? It kinda does to me.

Honest opinions please :-) .. attached pictures are best I can come up with right now.

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I vote for all black on the screen wall.

I'm assuming all 3 of your front speakers are behind the screen and not to the side where you show the panels.
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I would pick a more subdued pattern
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Speakers will be behind the screen (acoustically transparent screen), and while I hear you on the subdued pattern, chaning it at this point isn't an option :-).

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All black up front.
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Originally Posted by robgar1212 View Post

chaning it at this point isn't an option :-).

So the purpose of this thread is self flagellation?
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side walls fine but maybe remove or re-wrap the panels on the diagonal walls
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self flagellation ?

The point of the thread was asking if the front 2 panels in that fabric was distracting .. and I think I have my confirmation from you guys .. it is.

When I say changing the fabric isn't an option, I mean just that. It's either that fabric, or no panel at all, and I just wrap the sides in black velvet like I was originally planning. What you can't see if I have about 8 more of those panels down the side walls ... and I'm not changing all of them to match the front two :-).
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Originally Posted by BIGmouthinDC View Post

So the purpose of this thread is self flagellation?

I'm not to proud too tell you I had to look this term up, funny though! As always Big you're on the money.



Yup all black. Save the patterned panels for the rest of the room. I guess the honest opinion is yes, having those panels up front would be distracting to me anyway. I know part of cohabitation is compromise, but this is one thing I would not compromise with the Mrs. on. JMHO.


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I looked it up .. okay .. that was funny!

DONE .. black wrapping it is. Thank you all!
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Black. When the lights are off you can't see the pattern on the other panels.

"In space, no one can hear you scream"
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