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UN46D7900 Help (Cannot make it look decent)

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I am sure you veterans in here hate these threads but I didnt know where else to ask for help. About 6 months ago I ago I bought my first plasma (PN51D8000) which I was skeptical about because I thought plasmas looked horrible in the stores. I have now been converted and doubt I will buy another non-plasma barring a miracle with the UN46D7900 I just bought. My wife would not let me get another one (51" Plasma) for our bedroom in the new house we are moving into.

After much research I went with the UND467000 LCD/LED and was so underwhelmed with the backlight bleed and dead pixels. I returned the TV and ended up buying the UN46D7900. I was shocked at how bright it was and how it really strained the eyes. It has been two weeks and after following or copying some settings for the D7000 and D8000 it now looks OK at best though it is leaps and bounds better than the what I think must have been defective D7000.

I am getting both of these TVs ISF calibrated when our home is complete but that wont be for 3 more months. SO where I am at now is there is one TV I love and one I am tolerating. I have PS3s hooked up to both TVs and play the same game (FIFA 2012) on both and just thought the smaller LED TV would look better but alas it doesnt even compare.

I just need some help with generic settings for the PS3 aka gaming and HD movie content that will hold me over until we move and the ISF calibration takes place.

I would REALLY love any pointers. My wife now wants me to take it back and says we should just keep this 4 year old Samsung LCD we have in the garage. Dont let this happen to me...

Thanks in advance. If I posted this in the wrong section I apologize ahead of time. I did use the search function so mean comments please
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Go to the 'Plasma Flat Panel Displays' section of the forum: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forum...prune=60&f=167 . You can search for the thread for owners of your TV. Other owners can supply picture settings you can copy. This section of the forum is for calibration information, rather than swapping settings. This thread explains why your inquiry doesn't really fit here:
'Sharing display menu settings?'
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Many apologies.

Thanks for letting me know and providing the links.
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The link was for plasmas which is not what I needed help with at all but I get the point. Thanks.
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Anyone? I am pretty disappointed with the set so far and have a few days to return it but dont want to if it is just the settings that are off. If it will look good when it is ISF calibrated then I will just keep it. Anyone have this same TV?
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Set the basics for free -
AVCHD downloads page http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=948496

That's as far as you can go without a meter and software or a professional calibration.
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