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Survey: Reactions to DVD CCA vs. Kaleidescape
By Julie Jacobson
CE Pro survey indicates 57% of integrators are not really concerned about their own legal liability and 42% say they'll continue to sell Kaleidescape movie servers while injunction is appealed.

Bloggers, pundits, digital rights fanatics and enthusiasts have all chimed in on the recent injunction order against Kaleidescape in its seven-year legal battle with the DVD CCA (Copy Control Association).

A Santa Clara, Calif., judge issued the injunction against Kaleidescape's DVD movie servers, but Kaleidescape has appealed the decision and believes the injunction will be stayed pending the outcome of that appeal.

So what about the people with the most skin in the game: Kaleidescape dealers and the larger community of custom electronics integrators?

In a flash survey of dealers via Linkedin, 158 CE pros responded to questions about Kaleidescape and the future of movie servers.

Not surprisingly, the survey is heavily skewed towards Kaleidescape dealers. Exactly half of the respondents say they sell Kaleidescape products.

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