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Dlp Or Lcd???  

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Whats Better For Home Cinema, Tv Viewing, Console Gameplay and such?
What Is The DLP 0.7 and 0.9 ???? Anyone know?
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Try this article for starters... http://www.projectorcentral.com/cons...cfm?ci=lcd_dlp

DLP seems to be favored here at this forum. I chose LCD, personally.

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DLP = NOISY and possible Rainbows
LCD - Poorer blacks and screeen door effect.

I chose LCD because I didn't want to build a hushbox or put up with the noise, and I also didn't want to worry if any of my guests were seeing rainbows.

I think the reason the DLP's tend to be more popular in the forum is that they do potentially deliver a better image than LCD's and many members of this forum are among the most discriminating videophiles. However, a properly tweaked LCD can provide a very, very good picture wnich will exceed the expectations of all but the most knowledgable experts.
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Now that there are no LCOS&DILA's here, it would be interesting to do a LCD vs DLP Poll to get an idea of the split.
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there are definite distinctions between the two, and each technology has it's strong points, but in my opinion the rest of the stuff in the projector make a bigger difference.
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I can barely hear my DLP Plus Piano. They are not all loud. The negative for DLPs is rainbows (if you see them). Some viewers complain of headaches as well. Spend at least 1/2 hour (more if you can seing it) demo'ing a DLP before buying one. Make sure you don't see rainbows. (I don't).
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DLP's primary advantage that the user will notice is portability.

The image quality is close - screen door means you are sitting too close, or you're using too low a resolution - Contrast is close with latest technology Seiko Epson LCDs.

LCDs are more efficient (more light on the screen for the power-in), so this allows some combination of brighter, cooler (with better reliability, usually), or more quiet.

Unless you carry it on airplanes frequently, I see no reason in the world to pick DLP.

Compare the video quality of XGA LCD-based units, and pick the one that fits your eye and budget.
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ok counter point....

Screen door does NOT mean you are sitting too close. Screen door can be seen in different situations even at a 2X viewing distance (I own an XGA LCD)

LCD does NOT have a better reliability record. Period. Actually the opposite is true. We are an authorized repair service center for most manufacturers and can back that up with cold hard numbers.

LCD's are NOT more quiet than DLP's There are some DLP's that are 32db and quite a few LCD's that are 39db and HIGHER. I would say on average they are about the same. Again we can back this up with spec sheets by the hundreds.

I agree with what has been written above . They each have their strong and weak points...a look around this forum and you can find them all.
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Doesn't matter. I have an LCD and it is loud, but no screen door that I can see from 8 feet. and sharper tan most DLP I have seen. I don't think there is a difinative answer it is so projectr specific.
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If I had to make a choice I must say I wouldn't hesitate, I'd go for a crt...
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