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YSP-2200 Purchase

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I see posts from folks picking up a YSP-2200 for between 500-550 bucks (even if it took calling the retailer) but I can't find it cheaper than 700. Any input?
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Wil: My recommendation - sit tight, and shop online everyday.
I did my research on this site, and waited for almost two months before pulling the trigger. I did also consider other makes/models during that time as well (but the YSP remained my first choice).
I then decided I was going to buy it at Crutchfield for $799 when one Sunday morning I woke up and saw that Barnes & noble.com had it on sale for $578 w/free shipping! It was that price for just one week before reverting back to $700.

I've had it now for about a month, and am glad I waited.
If you dont need it this moment, I recommend waiting - as it WILL go back down in price. Just google every day until you catch it.

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Don't need it any time soon (however I'd love to have it) so I'll just keep an eye out.

Appreciate the advice
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this place has it for $559 + $18 shipping.


I've never ordered from them before though...so you might want to check their return policies, ect....

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