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My simple DIY Theater in progress..

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I have been working on the Family theater room for a few months now. It's almost done so I thought I would share some pictures on my work and progress.

This is a picture right after I finished the drywall and getting the carpet put in. Yes me and my dad Frammed out the walls and hung the dry wall. I finish the dry wall my self. Carpet was put in by lowes since it was free install .

This is my new screen I built my self. It's a 120 inch 16:9 screen. I built the frame and wrapped it in velvet. Then put the screen matieral in. (AKA laminate counter top). Just for refrence thats a 3 foot long lvl on top of the screen.

This is how it looks today. I still have to put in the drop ceiling and run the speaker wire in the walls. Also Build a platform for the rear row of seats and speaker stands. But it's almost done.

Here is how my blu-ray collection looks in media center running my movies. This is all controlled through my android phone running a kick ass app called myremote for media center. All my blu-rays are converted to MKV's with just the Video and HD audio on them untouched to save on space. I don't really care about extra's and menu crap.

Here is my rack with all most equipment. From the top down. 1500va Battery back up, just for my Projector and Gaming/htpc. Next is my yammaha RX-A2010 reciver, DVR cable box, Sony SACD player. Then my gaming/HTPC, 4tb hard drive space for blu-rays, 128g ssd, 7970, i5 750@3.72ghz and 750watt corsair PSU(soon to have a rack mounted watercooling system installed. The Pc in the bottom on the left is my wifes gaming rig, pc on the right is my pfsense router. What you can't see in the rack, wide band cable modem, 8 port gig switch and anoughter battery back up. All this is on it's own detecated 20a breaker.

Here is my desk, there is a 25 foot dvi-d cable and usb cable running over to the rack to run it. The side monitors are run by a laptop for work.

Thanks for looking...
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What kinda fronts are you running? I cant tell by the pics.
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There Athena F2's. Had them forever now.. love them.
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What kind of chairs are those and where did you get them? They look nice.

Also, what HTPC software are you running and what do you use to rip to MKV?
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You won't belive me but the chairs are from K-Mart There is a big thread on here about them. I really like them, they recline all the way back and are really comfortable. My HTPC setup is windows7, Running window's media center with MyMovies. I use MakeMKV for making mkv's works great.
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+1 for the Kmart chairs!!!

I have four that I'll be putting in my theater. They are discontinued now though and unfortunately hard to find.

Great work by the way! Your room looks good. My only recommendation would be possibly to add some chair rail on the wall at the color change. I think it will help break up the two colors and look really nice.
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K-Mart, eh? Get me all excited and then I find out they're discontinued! (shakes fist)

Thanks for all the info.
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