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Samsung UN46D8000 or LG 47LM7600

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Am torn in between these 2 sets. I dont care about the difference from active to passive as the 3d effect will be the same. The question here is old tech vs new 2012 tech and best picture quality and 3d.
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I have the 55" version of the LM7600 and absolutely love it. No ghosting, razor sharp image, vibrant colors, wide viewing angle and very strong and adjustable 3D settings. It is visibly superior to my 2010 Samsung active shutter 3D plasma in every way.
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thats good am strongly considering it.
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I just seen the 7600 in the store as well as the 8000. To me it seems the 8000 picture might of been slightly better but the 3d on the 7600 seem stronger.
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anyone have experience with both as well?
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man am so stuck at this decision.
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I had a 2011 Samsung D7000 plasma and replaced it with an LG. The lighter glasses and brighter picture blew the Samsung out of the water. Also after two pairs of shutter glasses were destroyed I became an even bigger lover of passive 3d. I have noticed no ghosting or flicker with the passive 3d, and that was a problem with active.
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I never experienced flicker with my 2010 active shutter Samsung 3D plasma but I did not like their changing the tech behind the glasses with the 2011 sets, going from infrared to bluetooth. Their active shutter tech also exhibited more ghosting and the glasses make the image visibly darker. I also didn't care at all for Samsung's support when I ran into a syncing problem with a a couple of my glasses - they wanted to charge my card to look at them even though they were still under warranty.

With my new LG passive, the glasses are light, don't require batteries, are easy to replace (the RealD 3D glasses from the movie theater are 100% compatible with LG passive TVs) and yield a much brighter image. LG's 2D-to-3D conversion also works better than what I've seen on Samsung TVs.

All things being equal, as long as the picture quality is acceptable to you, I'd go for the LG passive. As someone who has invested in and owns both technologies, I just find the passive to give a more pleasing experience and Samsung has, in my experience, dropped the ball in terms of their support for customers who are still in warranty.
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price is a factor to me i can get the d8000 46" for $1150 shipped while the 7600 will set me back $1541 on amazon.
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does anyone know which one of these would be best for 3d gaming?
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Originally Posted by nvidia101 View Post

does anyone know which one of these would be best for 3d gaming?

I do a lot of gaming and I think you'll be OK with either one in regard to lag as both TV's have a game mode which disables most of the image processing features. Ghosting will probably be more problematic on the Samsung as the 2011 models suffered from many of the same issues as the 2010 sets.

I have played Uncharted 3, Sonic Generations, Halo Anniversary, Call of Duty Black Ops and Killzone 3 in native 3D on my LG and they all looked and played great with zero lag and no ghosting.

Also, while I can't comment on the Samsung, the LG has a very useable 2D to 3D mode that works quite well with games that don't natively support 3D. Journey for the PS3 is complemented very nicely with 2D to 3D conversion.
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I ended up going with the D8000 as I got a good deal on it lower then the 7600 lg price.
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I am also on the same boat. Please help me in choosing between UN46D8000 and 47LM7600...
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this expensive decision eludes me as well. today at my local best buy, i viewed the Lm557600 LG. Initially impressions - excellent - the preview for Hugo with the 3d glasses absolutely impressed. However, once I attempted to switch modes via the best buy interface, the screen started flashing green. I tried every input presented. espn 3d, lg demonstration, hugo preview...all the of them...totally green. Not sure what to think but I presume the best buy interface could be the culprit.

Also checked out a 55 inch LED Samsung 8000 series best buy had. the television seemed to be showing a standard definition finding nemo...not impressed at all with the picture. The colors were vivid but the picture lacked sharpness and overall smoothness of my 50inch kuro that's 3-4 years old now. I am not going to read too deeply into the PQ because of the aforementioned SD Dvd and the definite lack of picture adjustment. Also there were no glasses for the samsung. They had a 2012 led 55 inch with glasses on hand but it's out of my price range at $2,000+

I can find both TVs from reputable dealers for $1500 shipped. It's a tough decision.
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It would be helpful if we could compare them side by side with 3D glasses. It is a struggle just to get to view any 3D content in Best Buy. We do have an HHGregg and I am going to go there and see if I can get some side by side tests.
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