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Help me PLZ - Panasonic sc htb15

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Hello everyone

I just purchased the Panasonic SCHTB15...........and I need a little bit of help.

I followed the instructions, and still it won't work...........

So can you tell me where I am going wrong?

I have the SUB WOOFER OUT hdmi (arc compatible) cable going into my LG 47LW5700 ARC hdmi 1

My cable box is HDMI going into hdmi 2 on LG tv

I turned off tv speakers........i enabled ARC on tv

Still no sound

I was messing around, and switched it so that my cable box hdmi went into the 2nd hdmi port on the SUB - then i get sound.......However, my Playstation 3 (hdmi going into hdmi 3 on LG TV) then has Picture - but the sound of the Cable box.

I called both Panasonic and LG. Panasonic said my original set-up should have worked.

The LG guy, was basically reading out aloud a TROUBLESHOOTING booklet - and still couldnt figure it out. He said I needed 2 optical cables - 1 for the cable and 1 for the PS3! I said that I may as well do it my way (and could I get 1 optical cable for the PS# straight into my LG TV?!!!


Thanks for reading, and apologies for my ineptitude
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Connect both your cable box and PS3 to the two HDMI in ports on the sub. Connect HDMI out from sub to TV's HDMI(ARC) in, as you had it. You should have video passing through to the TV and audio being processed directly by the soundbar. That's supposed to work.
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Thanks for the fix

I cant believe the so called experts for LG AND Panasonic couldn't help me

Actually - yes I can

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hi i want to ask can it work with normal hdmi input of tv suppose i want to attach settop box hdmi out to sub hdmi input 1 and sub hdmi (arc) output to tv hdmi(normal) input
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Of course. You only need ARC (or digital) out if you have something attached to the TV, use the TV's internal tuner or have smart apps on the TV.
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