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Another Epson 8350 vs 6500UB Thread...

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I purchased a refurb 8350 from Epson at a great price, which arrives today, but this morning had a chance to purchase a refurb 6500UB from Epson at the exact same price I paid for the 8350, so I ordered it as well before it went out of stock.

Now I'm in a spot with that on the way and the 8350 here, keeping one and returning (or selling) the other. At the price I paid I'm likely to be able to sell it for what I paid, but I do want to keep the right one for me and my situation.

My viewing environment, during the day, gets some minimal light bleed from upstairs (it's an open room) and two windows with blackout curtains. Most projector viewing is done at night when it is pitch black in there. My screen is a standard no-frills electric Elite screen, matte white. White walls but the room is much larger than the theater so I'm not even sure of that effect (not a dedicated theater room, hence the motorized screen).

On my current projector, the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 1080p, I've noticed that the blacks are sort of greyish or any brightness and picture detail is totally lost if I go too deep with my settings, so I'm leaning towards the 6500UB, though the fact it is an older model than the 8350 and that some folks are saying differences are only noticed in a totally black room and certain screens, has me second guessing myself a little bit to try and decide if I might instead want to keep the newer model.

I've read some of the other debate threads here on these models, but certainly would appreciate some advice regarding longevity, quality of refurbs of each, etc. They both come with Epson's 2 year warranty and from what I understand Epson will cover the bulbs in there for years as well even though not listed, if anything should go wrong.

Would love to hear from some of you!
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honestly, you have a perfect opportunity to check them side by side, in the same environment and know first hand which one you like better. From what I hear, for the same price 6500UB would be a better choice regardless of age but you have both PJs to compare and I have neither
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I was sort of hoping to be able to say "in unopened box" if I sold one of the two but I can see how both would have merit to try out...Though from what I hear the similarities are so close that I might not even be able to see a difference without optimal conditions.

On paper it seems like the 6500UB makes the most sense but it does feel sorta weird to favor an older model (though I can appreciate the fact that it was made to be a higher end model vs the 8350's more low-end approach).
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hands down 6500...so good i got 2!!! A STEAL FOR $999!!
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