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Jittery picture, old mitsubishi (lt52149) better than new samsung (un55d8000)

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I posted a similar thread in the calibrations section. I dont understand this. My 3 year old mitsu lcd (lt52149) had a major wow factor picture and absolutely NO judder with any of the AMP or smooth film mode (whatever you wana call it) settings. This new samsung seems blurry to me and aside from that totally, no matter what I do with the AMP settings I cant seem to get over the jittery picture. (blur 5, judder 5, blur 10, judder 0, blur 0, judder 10 etc...) I use ps3 for blu rays and a dish network hd satellite reciever both of which hooked up with identical vizio 1.4 hdmi cables. I notice it with both. Was my mitsu just that much better as far as processing or something with this jitter crap? Im not worried too much yet about its clarity not being as good because I havent had time to calibrate the picture color settings, but if the jittery picture cannot be completely corrected, its going back. Also sometimes I notice blotchiness (like small squares) in medium lit scenes/commercials. No idea what to think there. I realize Im new here guys, but Im tired of scouring threads trying to decide if I just need to get used to this "new technology" or if my old mitsu was just better in this aspect (jittery picture) and perhaps I need to return and find a better set. Thanks for any help.
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funny...I just replaced my Mitsu52144 which is essentially the same set as yours for the new LG 7600. I love the new set but yeah that Mitsu set did have an astonishing picture.
It did have that wow factor that I have not been able to reproduce yet on the new set.

No judder or motion issues just doesnt pop, seems a little more dull or faded even with the most vivid of settings.

good luck with the new set,Ive heard more issues from that samsung series than any I can recall
but yeah the LT52xxx series was incredible picture quality.
have you looked at the LG offerings? the 7600,8600 or 9600 may blow you away
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I know!!! Glad Im not the only one thinking that. Aside from the jittery picture, the clarity is a complete joke on this samsung when compared to the mitsubishi. Everyone that ever saw my mitsu could not believe the PQ including myself. The samsung looks dull and not as crystal clear like the mitsu was. Too bad the panel went out on it! I want my mitsubishi back!
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Believe me, you are not alone in having jitter/stutter/frame skipping problems with Auto Motion Plus on your Samsung. I have the same problem on my brand new LN40D630. And an internet search on this topic reveals that this is a common problem. It is obvious to me that Samsung has not yet mastered this frame interpolation technology, and worse yet, they seem not to care about doing anything about it as they keep churning out new models that have exactly the same problem. By contrast, my LG LED TV has their own "TruMotion" frame interpolation feature, and it works perfectly, albeit, with soap opera effect, which is expected. But at least, my Samsung has a great picture with AMP turned off. One other thing I would mention is that the frame skipping only seems to be an issue with HDMI, as I do not notice it when watching OTA with a rabbit ear antenna. I am going to experiment with component cables next to confirm my suspicion that this is an HDMI compatibility issue.
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I think its going back. I cant seem to find much info on the lg 7600. Any links to a good review of them? I may look at one of them for a replacement.

Woops. I see the owners thread now. Still cant find a full review though.
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Just turn auto motion plus off for anything shot with film. For sports or shows shot with video set amp to whatever you want. I recommend just leaving it off 90% of the time.

Auto motion plus is greatly affected by resolution and fps. I have bought 3 Samsung TVs over the last 2 years, I have played with and tired every amp setting. My conclusion there isn't one amp setting that will work for all content, you have to change settings form movies to TV shows to sports to news cast. And because they film and broadcast everything differently Samsungs amp just seems to suck. I can Max the settings out with sports without issue, for everything else you have to custom set it. So I mostly leave it off.
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for the UN55D8000,

Do the software upgrade for the TV. if the TV is connected to the internet, the latest version is 1026. 1024 is the downloadable version (using a USB drive)

It helps a LOT on picture quality and the stuttering on the D8000. But not all of the jittery picture.

and another hint. Go in and turn off the ECO sensor in the ECO settings. if you don't, you will be complaining that the picture will go dark for no reason at all.
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Im on version 1026. Build date is feb 2012. And i turned off the eco sensor already. Whts kinda weird is I didnt notice the jitter until after the update now that I think about it. After reading through the lg7600 thread, think im just gona stick with the 8000 and hope a software update fixes. Think I was just spoiled with that mitsubishi! I probably shouldnt be on here complaining anyways lol. I had the warranty on the mitsu and recieved all of my money back and got the 8000 for free plus some. Besides I notice no screen uniformity problems at all some speak of. Slight flashlighting only when booting up tv so thats not a problem either. Input lag on ps3 kinda sucks, even in game mode on some games, but I can live with that. It is kinda funny how we pick apart these tvs. Seems they all have their flaws. I do wish mitsu would start making lcds again though. They definitely had the edge I think. But they had problems with the panels. What can ya do!
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