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Hi there.

Currently my HTPC splits to both my bedroom TV and living room projector. I have a Gyration remote that works through walls and I just take it wherever I am and want to watch my TV.

Splitter does not work with my PC monitor. However bypassing the splitter does. Splitter jacks things up anyways because living room TV is 1080p projector with surround. Bedroom is 720p stereo. Monitor is 1080i with stereo.

I have no reason to watch tv in more than one place at a time. What I really need is a switcher that has manual push buttons, no auto detection crap, where I can have my HTPC run into a box that has 4 buttons.

1) Output to receiver / projector.
2) Output to Bedroom A.
3) Output to Bedroom B.
4) Output to primary computer 2nd monitor.

That way I can physically choose my output, my HTPC will be happy and output video accordingly. 720p, stereo, 1080p, 5.1. It doesn't give a crap it just outputs exactly what the destination needs when I switch to it. This works right now, I just have to unplug the cable and physically plug another one in like an idiot.

So I found this post:

Which led me here:

Not too shabby if I just had 2 outputs. I would like 4 though. I see someone linked this one: hxxp://

Do I really need to spend $120 here ? I will if needed but hoping a guru around here has a cheaper solution?