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Anyone used Atlona to wirelessly connect a receiver to a TV instead of using HDMI?

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I was wondering if anyone has tried this company's wireless products before:





If not, would there be good wireless alternatives to connect the receiver to the TV? How good is wireless technology and will newer offerings prevent intermittent stuttering of high definition media playback?

Thanks in advance.
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I tried linkcast at CES back in January. It works pretty smooth. No need for software, since it is HDMI- so very simple to install. And they didn't lie about the range of 40ft.-it works. Though I didn't try it through the walls, they said it will work too.
Too bad it has been delayed for release, but Atlona may start shipping it next week already.They want $300 for it, but I found it on their distributor's website for $250. Find it here Atlona Linkcast.
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big thing that it is missing is ir especially if you want to put your stuff in a closet.
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I believe it has a remote to switch between inputs. I'm not 100% positive on that though.
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Hate to dig up a thread that's nearly a year old, but I'm desperately trying to find some info about this, or any other wireless HDMI solution. Currently I'm working with the Atlona unit and I'm about to throw in the towel. It works, but seems to be so finicky about which devices and displays it will actually work with, it's not even worth the effort.

Anyway, let me back up a bit. I'm just trying to connect a plasma HDTV on a wall, the equipment running it is less than 10ft away in a cabinet. There is a conduit run to the TV which had an HDMI pulled through it and it's a very small conduit of flexible tubing that twists and contorts quite a bit near the TV end of things. Anyway, HDMI cable went bad -- WTF, I know, but yeah, it happens more than it should. I'll have longer 20+ foot long HDMI's go bad over time, even so called "good ones". This one was an Ethereal. Anyhoo, can't get the cable to budge in the conduit so we can pull anything new. Tried blowing lube through the conduit and everything, no luck. it's stuck and the solution is either to start cutting drywall and patch it to match when we're done, or to go wireless.

So, I looked around at the various wireless solutions. Of the ones that seemed to do what I need and had decent reviews, there is the IOgear, Atlona, DVDO and Gefen. I bought the IOgear from Amazon the other day since it had mostly great reviews and was cheaper than the HDbaseT extender I had planned to use if I could swap the HDMI cable for a CAT-6 cable or two. Hooked it all up and it worked flawlessly. I was going from the HDMI out of a Denon AVR switching between DirecTV, Blu-Ray, an older AppleTV with component out (converted inside the Denon to HDMI). All working. Or so I thought. About 10 minutes later, the wireless reset itself, as if it had lost HDMI signal and then regained it. But the picture never came back. Two more days of testing and fiddling and stewing on it and finally getting some flunky at IOgear to talk to me, and I sent it back as defective.

On to the Atlona. Doesn't matter if I run it from the out on the Denon or if I connect direct to the out on the BluRay player or what, the only device that will properly sync and transmit is the Panasonic Blu-Ray. And only when connected to a newer Samsung LED or a Panasonic VT25 plasma. The plasma I'm trying to connect to, an older Samsung model won't sync up with the Atlona at all. Nothing else seems to be compatible. Supposedly the USB port on the receiver is for firmware updates or other things, but none of the support people at Atlona seem to know much of anything about the unit. They say it's not compatible with HDMI signals out of a Mac. Not sure why, they blame it on HDCP inconsistencies, but so far it seems like it's not compatible with much of anything. The tech guy I talked to tried to tell me it's really only intended for game systems and laptops and not really for hooking up AV components... I think I'm done with this unit.

Unless someone can direct me to a unit that is proving to actually work as advertised, I'm going to just go for it and get the 6GHz DVDO wireless HDMI. It's the most expensive of the lot of them. The Gefen one also looks somewhat promising. I may just order both and see which one, if any, works to my liking.

This is all very frustrating. I was ready to move on from the IOgear kit and write it off as crappy consumer hardware. That's pretty much all they make anyway, crap. I expected much more from Atlona, so far the IOgear experience was better. I'd try another IOgear, but I'm convinced it will die again based on several of the Amazon reviews I've read.

OK, I'm done ranting...
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