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NTSC Tuners

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Does anyone know if they are discontinuing the NTSC tuners in the new flat screen telelvsions? I notice they are not listed in the specs anymore but until all schools go digital the NTSC tuner is really necessary. Thanks!
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I would hope not. My basic cable system is still analog with QAM for the locals, and I suspect other systems are as well.
The Panasonic I'm watching for 2012 does have NTSC (42" E5).
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I don't think NTSC tuners will be going away anytime soon.
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Unlikely. NTSC is still authorized in the US for low power operations; I still get analog low power religious and Spanish-language stations.
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I am not aware of any current model US TVs that do not have NTSC tuners. If they didn't have them users could not use many models of VCR or watch analog OTA TV programs from some local broadcasters.
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I only get 2 analog stations where I am now, one comes in fuzzy and the other barely registers a signal. I've heard the last remaining analog stations have to be off the air by September 1, 2013. (Does anyone know about Mexico? Last I heard they were planning on keeping their analog stations on for a long time.)

I just hope if analog tuners do get removed, they won't get rid of standard video connections or analog closed-caption decoders. Since HDMI won't pass caption signals (they're in the vertical interval), I have the Video Out from my receiver connected to my TV and switch to that and turn off upconverting when I want to see captions on discs and tapes.
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AFAIK the low powered analog stations must be shut down in or before 2017.
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