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Control4, Niles, or Elan?

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Three quotes from three CIs using different products. I found a couple of post, but they are from 2007 and 2010. Would love to hear some perspective on the matter. My needs are:

8-12 multi-zone audio/video
Home automation (lighting, security, hvac)
Ease of use
Ease to expand

Any pros and cons are appreciated.
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We have a Niles IntelliControl GXR2 with 6 sources and 6 zones, all in use. It's got 12 channels (6x2) out, but you can double up the speakers powered by each channel, as the amp can handle 2 ohm loads per my dealer. We'll end up with 8 sets of stereo speakers powered by one unit. Once you want to expand sources or zones, you can add on another GXR2.

They are expensive, but robust. Ours is controlled by Elan g! and the interface is pretty nice. We have the basic keypads in rooms that aren't equipped with a g! touchscreen for easy on-off. Once sitting, we end up changing channels using the g! mobile app on our iPhones most of the time. We could have gone with the Elan distributed audio, but our dealer had bad luck with older Elan audio products and many satisfied Niles customers, so there you go.
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Factor in the quality of the installer. Just as important as the hardware.

Check references closely. Speak with recent clients, if possible.
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Originally Posted by dhendriksen View Post


+1! with a good installer of course.
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I'm a dealer for Control4, and based on what you would like to do, doesn't seem terribly difficult for C4 to handle.

Control4 has the capability to add on over time or immediately. They have C4 dimmers, hvac thermos, door locks that can be retrofitted in and are all zigbee(rf) that grow a mesh as u add more zigbee products.

The new Hc800 adds a faster processor, greater zigbee range and lightning fast on screen navigator. Also add an SR remote for simple use in your living room and get the IPhone/iPad app the C4 Myhome app and turn all your phones/iPads into touchscreens with two way feed back.

Personally, I have installed, programmed most of the remotes mentioned above and decided on Control4 due to hitting a greater market at c4's price point, add on capability and the easy functionality of control over complicated systems. An addition C4 has remote access, and email notifications.

At my home I have a 2 year old and a 6 year old, and oh yeah a wife, and all can use the system which includes 790 DVDs in two Sony changers, door locks, light control and six zones of audio and video distributed. I get emails when the wife or mother n law unlock the front door with their codes, and lights turn on for my kids at night when they run to my room or have to use the bathroom, and shut off when theyre done.

There are tons you can do with C4 and at a good price point that doesn't break the bank, easy to use and can add on over time.
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Oh yeah, and get a good installer and programmer!!!!
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Here are some photos from the iPad app, all of the navigators look the same (iPhone, iPad, c4 touchscreens and the onscreen navigator).

On the movie cover art screen you pick a movie, the metadata comes up, press play and the movie starts. Pretty easy and slick.

Attachment 245730

Attachment 245732

Attachment 245733

Attachment 245731
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Control4 has significantly better functionality and expandability versus the other two.
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I like Elan G, they have a lot of drivers for multi-zone audio like niles and Russound. For lighting I'll go with Lutron Radio ra2. If you want stable that it but not cheap.
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