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I have owned this Digital Stream HD recorder for three (?) months. Several answers to questions above:

1. It does have two digital tuners. I can be recording a scheduled program off the air while I am simultaneously using the second tuner to watch a different program.

2. The unit records and plays back in whatever the transmitted OTA signal resolution was. Including 480, 720, and 1080i HDTV. The playback quality from the HDD hard drive to my Sony HDTV is indistinguishable from the Sony TV tuner, I.e. crisp and clear.

3. The hard drive is 320 GB. And when you are recording HDTV you CAN fill it up and have to delete stuff.

4. When you want to have a program recorded BY NAME it is easy. Just use the button to the upper right of the navigation bars around the OK button. Select the program you want and hit OK. Then, before the scheduled recording time hit the schedule button (left side of the remote, second from the bottom) and scroll down to the program you want repeated. Then go across to the date column and scroll up/down to get what you want, I.e. every day, or M-F or every Saturday or whatever and hit OK. The program TITLE is retained. By the way if you are missing the beginning or end of a repeated program go in via the schedule button and go across til you get to the start time and back it up a minute AND toggle across to the duration column (e.g. 30 minutes) and increment it up as desired. The recorded program TITLE is not affected by this editing of the schedule. Unfortunately if the TV network switches time slots you will be recording a different program with your old Program title, which forces you to delete that schedule item and re-enter it. I don't know why networks do this switcheroo with favorite programs.
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Originally Posted by Wally O View Post

.... We already have a Panasonic VHS-DVD dual recorder with analog turner, so the DVR-R part is a non issue
I was looking at the Magnavox MDR533H/F7 at Walmart, great price on these and that has been talked about elsewhere on this site, people seem to love it. But if I am reading right it seems NOT to record in HDTV and I got to thinking what is the point of that. Also I can not find out If not recording is the output actually in HDTV?
The Magnavox like all DVDRs only output SD, myself and others don't like it but that's just the way they are, everything is downrezed to record to DVD even if you just watch it live.
HD tuners start ~$100 so I kind of agree, if you can double that a DVR like this is a much better choice. You can still use your Panasonic to make realtime SD copies of things you've recorded on the DVR so personally I wouldn't get rid of that.
Something like the RCA isn't perfect but would probably work fine for what you want.
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Originally Posted by Wally O View Post

Just a side question but why are there so few recording devices offered to over the air viewers, every cable or dish commercial I hear pushs a recording device, I am sick of hearing about the Hopper.

Because a digital VCR isn't what most people want, and a DVR is basically a computer with a remote controlled GUI (and thus not cheap). Because OTA viewers don't want to pay a lot of money for this sort of device. Because OTA TV in the US doesn't include reliable guide data, and TVGoS is dying a slow death. Because Chinese makers make cheap, half-assed devices that scare off potential buyers, so good devices never get a chance.

There are a variety of reasons. Suffice to say, this is what you get when you get weak regulation and an economy based around outsourcing to the lowest bidder. You get a short list of choices where the ones that are cheap aren't very good, and the ones that are good aren't very cheap.
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Originally Posted by demonfoo View Post

There are a variety of reasons. Suffice to say, this is what you get when you get weak regulation and an economy based around outsourcing to the lowest bidder. You get a short list of choices where the ones that are cheap aren't very good, and the ones that are good aren't very cheap.

Actually regulations in the U.S. are quite strong, but they're drafted by the entertainment industry to prohibit consumers from doing anything that might cut into entertainment industry profits. We aren't allowed to buy better products that are offered in less restrictive markets. And it may get even worse now that the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can essentially buy political candidates by flooding elections with so much money that ordinary citizens can't compete.
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In trying to find more info on this unit, I still can't locate it on a manufactures web site, I came across their products for the United Kingdom.
At least I think they are for that market since there are labeled "FREEVIEW," which appears to be UK programing. If the same company, what is being sold there far surpasses
what is offered here. Digital Stream is owned by Samsung as well as some other companies. Look here to view the products I am talking of, http://www.dstreamtech.com/english/product/product_list.asp.
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Originally Posted by mark8too View Post

I was looking for something to record OTA programs to watch a day or two later. So time shift is not a big deal for me. In fact you can time shift.
Press the "record" button to start recording.
Go to the playlist and choose the program you just started recording.
You are now watching the program you are recording.
You can pause, FF and rewind.
The 24 hour clock takes a little getting used to when programing the timer recording manually. I haven't tried programming from the program guide yet. In fact the program guide only showed the next 12 hours of programs. Even though you can choose several days in advance the guide is not available. It may be different when hooked to a cable system but for over the air (OTA) you get a 12 hour guide for the current day.
I just got the unit today so its early yet to say how dependable the unit is. So far I like the picture & sound on my Toshiba 15 inch LCD.
What I don't like:
No skip. You have to use FF to get past commercials.
No back-up battery. If the power goes out you loose the clock. And you don't get it back till you go through the time setup again. Not a huge deal because the grid is fairly reliable here.
The universal remote can be tricky. It would have been nice if you can tell what the remote is controling. I accidently hit the TV button without realizing it. When I tried to control the DPH1000R nothing happened. I thought there was a problem with the unit or the remote but it turned out to be fat finger syndrom.
Not deal breakers for me though. So far I'm satisfied.

I got one of these about a week ago as a replacement for a DTVPal. I loved the ease of use and features of the DTVPal (for example, just pressing the Pause button to pause live tv). However the bugs of the DTVPal (it would sometimes record programs in Spanish when I never selected Spanish) had me throwing in the towel and getting a diferent DVR.

So far I am learning to like the Digital Stream DPH-1000R. However the first thing I noticed was that I didn't like the original remote which came with the unit. The "play/pause, stop, fwd, rwd, rec" buttons are too tiny. Also, what I missed most of the DTVPal remote was the ability do a 30 second skip past commercials.

To address both issues, I ended up getting a macro programable and learning remote control.


With the new remote control, not only does it have better keys for play, stop, etc. but also I was able to create my own macros to simulate "skip forward approximately 30 seconds" and "skip backward approximately 10 seconds" keys. It isn't perfect (When I press one of my define "skip" keys, I have to point the remote at the DVR for about 2 seconds to make sure the macro runs), but gets the job done. I'm a happy camper now.
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I bought one. Clunky setup, especially the channel add/remove. Did the job for two weeks, then started dropping the sound, requiring a full reset. Annoying. If I don't get an answer from Digital Stream, which I don't expect, it's going back.
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I though this wasn't sold any more and was a dead issue.

That seems to be a half way decent remote especially considering the price as long as you don't need specialized buttons that it doesn't have. But, that one review about not being able to :learn" a command just because the devoice isn't in their database didn't make sense. The purpose of a "learning" remote is to learn codes that aren't in the database of that remote. confused.gif
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I recently purchased one of these on Amazon in excellent condition. It works well but no owners manual or instructions. I'd love to have a copy if you still have it, I don't know what half the buttons on the remote are for and there are all kinds of things i'd like to know about it.

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I couldn't and still can't find any manual available. Between the no-name Chinese outfit that makes this and the semi no-name US importer(s), there is no support.
Contact whomever you bought it from. Feel free to post any additions to the DVR comparison chart in this sub-forum when you find out.
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WHEN THE SOUND DIES, use the remote to go to the SETUP menu.

Then RESET to initial factory settings.
(Do NOT reformat the hard drive unless you want to lose everything you have recorded!)
The reset will take about 5 minutes, most of which is re-scanning channels (OTA or cable, whichever TV signal sources you have selected.)
The SOUND IS RESTORED TO "LIKE NEW" with the factory reset.

After factory reset you will want to go through and "skip" any unwanted TV channels, using the Setup menu.

With the factory reset YOU WILL LOSE ANY RECORDING SCHEDULE you may have saved, so it will have to be re-entered (or re-programmed, which is very quick).

After more than a year of daily use I still don't know what triggers the loss of sound on this HDTV digital recording unit. It seems to happen to me about every 2 months. Sometimes it occurs while I am copying programs to USB Sticks, although the copied programs have full sound intact when played after the factory reset. A puzzle.

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I got one of these when my bv-980h died. So far it's been working pretty good so far. It looks like the OS is the same as the BV only a lot more refined.
My cable co. is making an all digital switch soon, I wonder how this box will handle this ? confused.gif
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