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Help with 3d setup Acer H5360 (possibilities)

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So I'm fairly new with the whole 3d and its limitations as far as specific hardware and components required. I'm looking to setup 3d on my projector an Acer H5360, which is 3d ready via 3d Vision or dlp-link.

I will be feeding the video form a PC using a nvidia card gtx 580, using a 1.4a hdmi cable into a reciever (Onkyo s5400) which can handle 3d signals (verified) into the projector.

My question is which option is better and exactly how can it be achieved?
The nvidia option as i understand is probably easier to setup, but the emitter would be over 30 ft away from the glasses, which means I'll have to move the PC close to the projector to keep the glasses synced, and 3d vision kits are expensive compared to dlp-link galsses.

If I were to use the dlp-link and aftermarket software such as iz3d (for the 3d gaming, if possible?) then I would not need an emitter (correct?) since it syncs with the projectors image?

If the above concerning the dlp-link glasses is true, will it be capable of using the stereoscopic 3d in games such as Battlefield 3, using the iz3d software and profiles and not using any of the Nvidia 3d vision software and hardware?

Thanks in advance, and any suggestion for glasses etc would be appreciated.
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The nVidia 3D Vision is better all around from the game support to the quality of the video.

I hope you plan on using a high gain screen with that projector. I had one and used a 2.8 with it and with 3D it was sufficient.
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I would definitely go with nVidia 3D Vision as the nVidia 3D driver has good support, plus recently some really good unofficial support though user mods. Plus, you can configure iz3D and TriDef to work with 3D Vision, so you'll have the freedom to use whichever of the 3 works best. Here's some more info: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=215564

I second the suggestion to pair it with a high gain screen.
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BF3 has native support for 3D with AMD and nVidia so no extra software is needed. All you need is DLP glasses with this projector. Other non-native 3D games will require software -> IZ3D, DDD or Nvision.
There is no "kit" of hardware to buy with IZ3D or DDD.
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Perfect, and thanks for the answers and suggestions. i plan to do the DLp-Link and test it with the native 3d in bf3 to see what results i get on my current screen being a gain of 1.8.

From what i have heard this may be too low of a gain?
At the moment using the 1.8 gain, I get ridiculously bright pictures to where I can turn the projectors brightness to somewhere in the 30%, so if turning the brightness/saturation etc up while using 3d, I would imagine the picture to still be bright enough. There is zero light in my theater room during the evening.
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I use a 1.0 gain wilsonart gray laminate as a screen (material is 12 feet by 6 feet and cost around $100 from lowes you can also use designer white) with my acer h5360 and have no issues with nvidia 3d vision. I do have to bump the brightness up in most games options/settings menu but anything over 1.0 should be fine in my experience.
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