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4th time the charm?

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I wonder if anyone can reccomend a decent rear shelf speaker for a 2004 Cavalier. I've been ripped off by a local stereo place in what seems like 3 times. My setup sounds great at 1st then after about 3 -4 moths a back speaker will go out. I have retained the factory CD player, had a 4 channel amp & speakers installed. It all looks stock - which is the way I'd like it. Can anybody tell me a decent pair of speaker that will last w/out costing too much? I did play the other setup(s) loud at times but not very often. I suppose I'll have to get someone to install them but that should not be too hard. I'm an old guy on a small disability check but still like my Beatles remastered CDs a little loud once in while. Thanks to all.
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I am guessing they installed a 6X9 speaker. At least that is what I am seeing as comes stock. You could adapt any smaller speaker like a 5 1/4 up to a 6 1/2 fairly easy.

Without knowing the exact set up I will suggest this, think about adding a dedicated subwoofer. something self contained with an amp like a bazooka or infinity bass link.

Here is why:
The GM audio systems pre 2007, have a volume dependent EQ setting that as you increase the volume (get louder), bass frequencies are attenuated. So now you adding an amplifier, and let's say they are running the 6X9's unfiltered you can potentially blow the speaker either thermally or mechanically. The sad thing is, it can happen quickly. especially the mechanically way. I suggest you get a multimeter and check the blown speaker to confirm if you have blown it or if there is a wiring issue.

If truly the speaker is bad which is strange that you continue to lose just one, I suggest just getting a reasonable cost 6X9 pair. Hopefully the amp has crossover functionality and high pass the them around 80 hertz to protect them. Then add your powered sub and call it a day.

I can suggest a lot of speakers that will fit. I need a budget that you want to work within.
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Could you specify what is meant by when the 'back speaker will go out?' Does it not make anymore sound or is the bass rattling? Sometimes bass rattling is something else in the back shelf rattling. If it's out, then I'd just take it to another shop. Tell them you want to find out what's happening. Hopefully it's just a loose connection. Or it might be a bad connection meaning something is shorting the amp to the chassis. Best of luck.
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When I try the balance all the way the left then all the way to the right everything is fine. When I use the Fade only one side will play. It's not as loud as it was so I know something is up. These guys were supposed to be good but everytime I return it costs more. Would a set of new back 6x9 speakers do the trick? Is around $70.00 a pair O.K. to spend? I have a friend who can install.
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