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Newcomer with screen size questions

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Hi there !

I am currently doing my basement in a new house, a blank slate. Besides the other rooms in the basement that have dimensions already figured out, I have a large room that I want to turn into a theatre room/game room of some kind.

The dimensions of the room are slightly odd but im hoping i can find something that will suit my needs.

The room is 15'9" wide by 24' deep with 8 foot ceiling. However, 11' deep into the room there is a 1'7" decrease in width on either side of the room. One wall is an outside wall and part of the foundation so I cannot change that (easily) however I am currently planning on bringing the other side in to make it symmetrical. This also gives me more sq footage for a bathroom on the other side of the inside wall. This makes the room split up into two sections:

1 section (which currently is the theatre section) is 12'7" wide with 11' depth and 8' ceilings. The other section is 15'9" wide with 13' depth and 8' ceilings everywhere except one side of the room which has to be dropped down to 7' due to ductwork that cannot be moved (this ductwork fits inside the 1'7" envelope on one side of the wall that i previously mentioned. The door will be inside the larger area and there is also a small window in the larger room.

Im hoping to put the theatre room in the smaller section since it would leave the other space for something else but I have a few questions regarding designing the screen/space.

1: I dont plan on in-wall fronts/center speakers so i will need space on either side of the screen (which would be a framed mounted type probably). Are there screens that you can place your speakers behind? This would give me some better options for size but might limit the depth of the room a bit. Thoughts?

2: Should I partition off the two sections to keep good acoustics in the theatre room? This would make two rooms but I would like to keep it as one room if possible to allow for a larger 'feel' to the basement while allowing me room to move my seated viewing distance back. This also leads into my next question:

3: If I move my seated viewing spot back past the walls that cut in (the 1'7" sections), how will this affect my acoustics? Is it a big enough concern that I limit my screen size to allow for optimal viewing distance inside the 11' depth of the smaller room?

These are some of the current pressing issues. I am trying to choose the right screen size before moving into projectors/acoustics etc. Currently I think a 100"-120" would be optimal but im not quite sure.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!
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If you want to use an AT screen in the smaller area, the only practical choice is to go with in-wall speakers. Frankly, I would use the whole area and go with an AT screen. For AT screens you have woven and perf. A woven screen does less to the sound, but they are low gain. A perf screen can have higher gain. if you would like to get more in depth about the choices and trade-offs, please shoot me an email.
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