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Muffled sound on American Academy of Country Music awards

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Anyone else noticing a problem with the sound quality of the ACMA on CBS tonight?
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The surround mix (what there is of it) isn't very good. Sounds like the rear surround mics are in the men's room way in the back.

WOIO Cleveland, OTA

Edit: Audio sounds equally crappy from either venue (I guess they are splitting this between MGM and Mandalay Bay -- odd)
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Why even bother presenting the show in DD 5.1 if they are going to mix the musical performances as stereo?

The only DD 5.1 mixing being done is having the presenters in the center channel and the audience in the L & R front and surrounds.

For the Zach Brown band performance at different arena the audio is L & R fronts only with a little sound from the center and nothing in the surrounds.
Even the performances at MGM where the awards show is are only L & R stereo.

The giant video panels and strobe lights causing massive macroblocking on the performances.
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I get macroblocking and pixelating on my affiliate, due to how much they have killed their HD sub in not giving it the proper bandwidth. No matter if it is OTA, Comcast, DirrecTV, or Uverse, CBS in my area is crap.

The sound reminds me of how bad the playoffs were on ABC for the NCAA a couple of weeks ago.
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WDJT 58-1 Milwaukee OTA

Besides our video looking like absolute crap when anything moves due to this lame affiliate here with 10Mbs or less for HD, the audio in surround is total garbage. Reba's and Blake come through the center channel, but 2 channel stereo for the performances? There's more coming out my rear than what's coming out my rear speakers.

WDJT Milwaukee gets a D- for video quality
CBS gets a F for sound quality.

The biggest show for Country music..........get real.
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Come on CBS, it's bad enough the performances are stereo, take the annoying twitter comments off the screen! Tacky!!!!!!
Anyone who is producing this event?
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Blake is sounding a little pitchy dog. Seems like the performers can't hear themselves very well. Zac Brown was off key as well. This is getting painful to watch........
I'm officially calling this a train wreck!
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The only sound coming out of the rear speakers during the performances is a little reverb and the center channel has clapping.[whoever's doing the 5.1 mix ought to be fired imho]
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Audio on the Brad Paisley performance might be the worst I've heard tonight. Completely flat and monaural.
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If I'm correct ever since CBS stared broadcasting this event in HD with DD 5.1 it's always been this way with the performances in stereo.
It's amazing they refuse to mix them in DD 5.1.
The Rascal Flatts song sounds horrible.
At one point the drums were almost not audible and the vocals were way to loud.

The jokes by Blake and Reba and their insulting each other are mostly unfunny.
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This is one of the worst audio mixes I've ever heard on an awards show.
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The last performance with Blake and Lionel is awful.
Blake has a heavy reverb on his mic while Lionel has none.
Even though the performance went past 11pm CBS cut the performance off when the credits were done.
Pretty embarrassing ending for an awards show.
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The best of country music presently. How could this sound mix have been so poorly mixed. Just painful to try to listen to great music like this.
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I kept asking what was going on, half the time the vocals were so quiet you could barely hear them. Saw a few singers pull their ear thingies out b/c something was wrong.
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YES!!!!!!   It sounds AWFUL!!!  I'm bummed!!!!!!:confused::eek: not just the music…. speaking voices are terrible also!!!

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I have it on ABC... I'm on the West Coast.  Washington State

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Originally Posted by MamaK View Post

I have it on ABC... I'm on the West Coast.  Washington State
Don't confuse this thread with the CMA's on ABC last night, I didn't listen to it 5.1 so I can't comment on the audio but the video looked quite good for stills(very well lite) but like anything on my local ABC station(which dedicates <5Mbps to their ABC HD mad.gif ) any motion or especially strobes made the picture look like a blocky mess frown.gif
I only wish the CMA's were on CBS, which in my market dedicates their whole payload to CBS HD and it shows cool.gif
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