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"Great Expectations" on PBS Masterpiece

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Expected something dismal after scanning the recent prickly NY Times review . But last night's first episode seemed okay here--even if the script writer was a soap opera specialist. Main objection was the weak color, which looked like the colorist et al had simply cranked down the intensity while merging camera takes. -- John
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I liked it Gilian was scary looking.... I'm guessing that was the point...
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Except for Gillian Anderson sounding like Moaning Mona, I liked it, too. I'm also trying to get through the 1946 version, on ThisTV a couple weeks ago.
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It's a new spin on the venerable old chestnut. I had my doubts in the first half hour but decided I liked it pretty well.

The Lean version still rules, except, as Pauline Kael pointed out, in no universe could Jean Simmons have grown up to be Valerie Hobson.
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Gillian Anderson made some awful acting decisions in the role of Miss Havisham. I usually like her work and she was of course wonderful in the X-Files, but that was something out of dinner theatre tripe. Outside of that problem the first hour was solid. Hopefully we get the Ethan Hawke version of Great Expectations on Blu-ray sooner rather than later.
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Unfortunately the tapes of the version that PBS got from the BBC used a motion interpolation standards conversion from 25 fps to 29.97 fps and is not reversible like Downton Abbey is.

What is even worse is that the BBC has only released a DVD of this program, no Blu-ray.
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One could criticize the kinder and gentler Miss Havisham and Estella. I thought Anderson playing her as a lost, still beautiful, damaged soul was interesting. But the meeting with Jaggers left little doubt about that plot point that is so crucial in the novel.

I was glad to see that Andrew Davies was not involved with this. I haven't cared for much of any of his scripts except maybe the 1995 Pride and Prejudice.
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