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Onkyo M-5000R & P-3000R

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Hi guys,
I was drooling over the looks of these new Onkyos , but couldn't find much information on their performance.
Has anyone tried them?
Do you think the P-3000R DAC section is any good?
Can these be bought online?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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The P-3000 is an awesome preamp. One of my reps dropped it by last summer and it held its own next to preamps in the $4k range. The Digital section was pretty good and added to the value of the preamp.

I wasn't all that impressed with the M-5000 power amp after testing it on about a half dozen different speaker brands even when rotating it with other preamps.

The Onkyo preamp vs value is a sure winner in my book.
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Not sure about online availability, but I think the Onkyo amplifier doesn't represent a stellar value at $2500. The styling is great, but if you really want analog meters I'd probably look to vintage Accuphase, Technics, or McIntosh components - you'll probably do better price-wise relative to the performance (the Emotiva XPA-2 is probably a better choice if you're just interested in performance, and can live without the meters).
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