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HDMI matrix handle two video streams?

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Is it possible to send two separate video streams at different resolution at one time through a HDMI matrix?

Example: Can I send a signal from my computer to screen 1680x1050, and one from my PS3 to projector 1080P, at the same time?

I have no need to view the same source at both the computer screen and projector at the same time.

Thanks, Erik
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Yes, any matrix should be able to handle this - the issue is with the sources "seeing" multiple devices and trying to resolve the common denominators. So with the caveat that you may have to connect/disconnect the computer/PS3 (or power cycle it), it should work...

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Thanks for your quick reply Jeff.

Manually having to connect/disconnect a device defeats the purpose of using a matrix. Might be time for taking a chance, it might work after all
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Matrix switchers are designed to allow users simultaneously switch content sources and route the signal to any display device in various combinations at the same time. So in case of routing a computer and PS3 content, any matrix switch with 2 or more inputs will be able to send these two different signals to your projector easily
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The only 'bug' in your plan is how the system reacts when/if you want to then view the PC on your other Display - if the other Display doesn't support the 'optimised for Display A' signal will the Source auto reconfigure to a supported format or will you receive a 'not supported ' message and have to revert back to Display A and manually reset the Source to a signal Display B supports!

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Art Feierman likes an Octavia 4x2 matrix. But it is a bit pricey for me, so instead I look at a matrix from HD Cables called HKM42.

I am pretty close to buying the HKM42 unless anyone suggest I shouldn´t?
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Hello, I am hoping someone can give me advice on setting up my audio visual system.*

I have an HD projector and a Samsung tv which I want to be able to use at the same time (with a choice of watching the same input or using different inputs). I have 4 different HDMI inputs.*

Those 4 HDMI cables are a PS3, a DVD player, a satellite box and an apple tv. The projector's audio will also go through a Surround system or an AV receiver while the tv will just use the tv speakers.

Since I cannot seem to find an affordable AV Receiver that can take in the 4 inputs with 2 outputs (to the projector and the tv) in parallel, people have been recommending different solutions.*

1) 4x2 matrix switcher. This product confuses me though because the price range is so wide and I don't know which would work for me. Any advice? Recommendation? I am investing quite alot in the projector and want good quality but cannot pay much more.

2) connecting an HDMI switcher to each input device (so 4 HDMI switchers). This results into 2 HDMI cables from each, one would go to the TV directly *(so 4 cables) and the other goes to a surround sound system which connects only to the projector. So by manipulating the switchers, I can basically choose what to watch and where to watch it. The only thing is that I would not be able to watch the same thing on both, which is ok. Would this entire solution work? Do I lose quality?
Since my tv does not have 4 HDMI ports, I would also need a selector that takes the 4 cables intended for my tv and puts them into one.

Does all this work in principal?
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a matrix switch might be a better solution: Monoprice sells some really good, inexpensive 4x2 and 4x4 switches: and you can return them if they don't work for you

I use this one: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2

and it works quite well
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Does your TV handle 5.1/7.1 via HDMI or is it limited to 2.0 (the norm)?

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