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Last week I purchased a Toyota Prius C-3, I used to drive a Honda Civic Hybrid and the primary reason I went with the Prius C-3 was the HD Radio was factory, unlike my Honda where I had to buy an aftermarket HD radio and I had to drill in my fender for a 31" mast style antenna that would work with the aftermarket radio I tried to adapt the factory antenna to the HD radio and that wasn't a problem I just couldn't get any distance on reception so I mounted a old style antenna, that did the trick

Well, I wasn't disappointed with the EnTune System on my Prius C, The HD Stations sound better than any other HD Radio except my Polk Audio HD Radio
It equals the quality of that, very little flanging on the audio.

As for reception issues, this new radio equals what my 31" mast antenna on my Honda did, and this antenna is around 8" long

To sum this up, I am happy with the Toyota EnTune System, and it does HD radio justice.

and if you have your iPhone connected to the radio you can do tagging, but I'm an Andriod User.