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Zone 2 - Outdoor Klipsch stereo speaker

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Hello. I have done some searching and trouble shooting on my own but I am at a loss?

I am running a Pioneer VSX-1020 K receiver which I use for my surround in my family room with a 5.1 in wall Klipsch set up 12" Klipsch sub.

Zone 2 is outside and I have been running this for about 2 years with no issues. All of a sudden one day while listening to music on the patio cleaning the grill the music shut off?

I went in and the receiver was off. So I turned it back on and it fired up fine, TV was back on so I tried turning Zone 2 back on and ZAP it shuts down again. So after researching I checked all wired connections and had no luck everytime it shut down. There was a funny smell, but that has since gone.

Long story, sorry. I will fill you in to where it is now. I started by turning on Zone 2 without the connections, it stayed on fine. I then started connecting one at a time. The right red was what shut it down! So currently I have the left side green and white connected, and the right side black connected and it works, I also switched the outside speaker from stereo to mono....JUST to get some use out of it. It doesn't sound bad, but I wish I could have it connected correctly and have it function correctly as well.

Any advice? Thanks, Jim
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If you got a funny smell, sounds like you let out the magic smoke. My guess is, there was a short in the wiring somewhere, and that caused the receiver to trip and shut off. Then when you kept turning it back on, finally some component gave up the magic smoke. Bad thing is, once the smoke is released, you can never put it back in.
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lol, Thanks. I don't think any magic smoke was released from the receiver itself.

I think I have narrowed it down to being the speaker wire itself, which unfortunately for me it is in the wall!!!

When I get time, I will actually pull the speaker down and get a short wire and connect to the receiver to see if it works ok first. If it does, then I will attempt to pull new wire through the wall...Ugh! If all else fails, I guess I can punch a hole out and make a new run with new wire?
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