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Onkyo TXNR-709 & Energy RC-70s

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I am fairly new to the real HT world. I have been slowly revamping my home system, first purchase was replacing my old Onkyo receiver with the 709, next I purchased a Energy S10.3 sub. Now I am looking at the remaining speakers. After reading numerous posts I think I want to go with the RC-70s, but I want to make sure my receiver will be enough for them, or if not, what would I need to make them happy. I also plan to replace my center with a RC-LCR, but I have no idea what to use for the remaining speakers, any ideas?
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For rear speakers, you could use Energy RC-10s, RC-LCRs, or the Veritas Surrounds.
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I ran my rc-70s straight out of a 709. Moved to an xpa-2 and noticed almost no difference. It will be perfect. I ran the 70s, rc-lcr, and 2 sets of rc-10s off the 709
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That was actually the exact setup I was going for, well plus my sub. It's funny though, as I was sitting here reading other threads, I just looked up and I am not entirely sure I can fit the RC-70s in my living room. It's a small house. I would definitely have to take the sub and place it somewhere else if I want any chance of doing it.

But back to the point at hand, how did you like that setup? Are you still running it or did you upgrade to something else?
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If your living room is very small, the RC-LCRs could be used as fronts and might work fine for you; they are meant for that use, too. You could get them first, and then if you decided they weren't enough for you, move them to the back and figure out how to squeeze in the RC-70s.
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I may order one LCR and see how I like it in various positions, especially since I already want to use one for my center anyway. It wouldn't be a bad idea to try them out. I did however figure out a arrangement that would allow room for the RC-70s.
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