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Touch on FOX HD

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No thread yet? Well here we go then!

I catched up with the first 3 episodes and I like it. It takes a little time to get accustomed to a new universe for Kiefer "dammit Chloe we're running out of time!" Sutherland but I think it has potential, though I don't care much for the kid right now to be honest. Of course his role is tricky as he doesn't talk, but it's Kiefer's show anyway

what do you guys think so far?
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I bailed after the second episode. I don't see a compelling serialized story arc here to keep me interested, all love for the great Bauer aside. It seems too formulaic, too proceduralized, too saccharin for my tastes. Sort of 'Touched by an Angel' meets...well, that alone is enough to scare me off.
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Watched the early preview/premiere. Outside of the offical start date of the show lining up with the date depicted in the early premiere being a clever touch (no pun intended), nothing beyond that generated a need to keep tuning in. If more positive opinions start flowing in around here, I may play catch up.
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... This show Reminds me of an update/rehash of that "Guy who gets tomorrow's paper Today" show ( "Early Edition") ..
Same general idea put thru a meat grinder, where 1 or 2 main characters are running around with "some sort" of info "everone else" doesn't have, trying to get something done, which usually ends up with a 'heart-warming moment' at the end ....
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yeah... While I do like it, I hope it does have new and clever surprises in store, and hopefully it will get more, "edgy", and not more boring... But I'll keep watching for now. After only 3 episodes, I think it deserves a chance - storylines will probably get more complex as the show progresses.
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Originally Posted by Morpheo View Post

No thread yet?

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oops - sorry. I did search first but strangely it didn't show up.
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This show is so bad I just had to post. Sutherland, with his whisper gasp of a voice spends the 45 minutes of the show they squeeze between ads, running behind his son, constantly gasping Jake, Jake, Jake. Like he doesn't know the kid won't answer after the 30th time he grunts, Jake...............

And the plots, just a bunch of stream of consciousness nonsense. You could think up anything, throw it into the show and at the conclusion of the Jake trot of the night, link it all together with bubble gum and bailing wire.

Hopefully, soon this trash will go away and Jake can sit down and play some video games with his Dad. And Sutherland can get himself on a better show. He's a good actor, but this show is really pathetic.
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I'm bailing after watching the latest episode. Touch gives the word, formulaic a bad name.
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