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VESA 200 TV Stand

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I'm looking at purchasing a Runco CX-OPAL 55. Unfortunately I'm buying it at as refurb that doesn't have a stand. I can't really wall mount it where I want to put it, so I wanted to use the VESA mount to attach a normal TV stand. Not a cabinet and stand, just a stand. So far it seems like there is no such thing. Has anyone on the forum ever seen a VESA 200 TV stand that is not a wall mount unit, or already attached to a cabinet that is also reasonably priced?

I have a feeling I'm going to have to wall mount it which I can do but would like avoid since I would have to do some major changes to my living room to fit it.
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I don't know the weight, nor did I research your unit, but I've bought stands similar to what I think you mean from Monoprice. They seem to max out at 33 pounds.

They are less than easy to find on their site ... but are an option in the Wall Mount Brackets link ...
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