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Samsung UN55B7000 another clicking issue...

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Hi everyone,

I have a Samsung UN55B7000WFUZA that I bought around 2 years ago. Few days ago when I tried to turn the tv on, i started getting the popular relay clicking noise. I took the backing off to look for blown/bad capacitors and they all look perfectly fine. I thought it might be something else, so I found a replacement power board (BN44-00271A) which i ordered and just replaced today. When i put everything back together, I still get the same clicking noise.

At this point, would anyone know if something else can be wrong? or another board that would need to replaced? I cant imagine both boards would have the same issue. I have a replacement power cord coming in also, but I doubt its an issue with that.

I was also curious since i've read that some ppls tv eventually turns on with all the clicking. I tried that out, but just clicks.

Thanks in advace.
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Hey there, I'm experiencing the exact same issue.

My TV had been powered down for several months while I was out of country. The first time I tried turning it on when I got home all I could hear was the relay clicking. I too purchased another power board, as the capacitors all looked fine. When I put this new board in I still had the same clicking sound.

I noted that only one of the relays was actually switching. When I ohmed out the other relay I saw that the side of the relay that is supposed to be normally open was infact closed. This same issue was present on my other board. With the idea that this may be a systemic issue amongst these particular boards, I went ahead a desoldered a relay from one board (one that ohmed good) and replaced the relay that I thought was bad. When I tested the board again, I still had the clicking issue.

Now I'm trying to find a schematic for this board. In the meantime I'm tracing it out by hand, looking for a capcitor that may be directly inline with the two leads that are shorted out on this relay. My thoughts are that if a cap is shorted out and inline with this side of the relay then it would appear that the normally open side of the rely is shorted out. I'll let you know what I find.

Have you had any luck with your problem? Any advice you can give me? Thanks.
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I have the same exact issues with my Samsung un55B700wfxza as you are. I was just shopping for PD5512F1 (BN44-00271A) part. Have you solved this mystery? Its driving me nuts, sick of looking at a $2,000 piece of plastic sitting on the wall. Please help???? I would truly appreciate a reply. Thank you!
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Ace -- or anyone else that reads this -- any luck solving your problem? How specifically did you resolve your issue? I'm in your boat right now, hoping to avoid buying parts I don't need. Feel free to shoot me an email directly at thomas.konopka@gmail.com. I have the UN55B7000WFXZA. Thanks!
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I have the same problem and don't see any defective capacitors so am reluctant to buy new power supply board. Someone else solved the problem by changing the A/V board (PCB with HDMI connectors). I don't see anything visually defective on this board either. Wish I could substitute components instead of expensive boards, but maybe forced to buy two boards. Has anyone been able to find a schematic or solve this problem?
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