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Design Help: Coming Out of Retirement

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I am building my hopefully "permanent" home and I'm trying to budget and plan my home theater. Attached is the interesting configuration and shape of the room that I have to work with. The .only changes I could make to the dimensions of the room would be to straighten out the right side of the room, but I chose to make it symmetrical.

Attachment 242669

Originally, I purchased a set of 5.1 speakers back in 2000 when I was in college that includes:

Front : JBL Studio Series S310-II
Rear : JBL Studio Series S26-II
Center: JBL Studio Series S-Center

I plan on placing the screen 2 feet off the rear alcove and storing the Front, Left and Center channels behind the screen. The remainder of the configuration I'm unsure of. The front seating will be about 11.5 feet from the screen and the rear will be against the back wall. I will spend time split following:
25% Sports/TV
40% Movies
30% Games
5% Music

What I would like to do is upgrade to a 7.1 surround system. I plan on spending around $800 on an unpicked receiver and using an SVS-PB12 Plus (what I've been dreaming of for 12 years now).

In a perfect world, you will tell me that the I have will service the room and I can supplement by adding two side or rear speakers to the configuration. I'm willing to spend around $2000 on the 7 channels of speakers if what I have won't suffice in the new room, but I'm open to suggestion on cheaper alternatives. I have forced myself away from forum boards in the last 5 years to help resist the want to upgrade since I knew we be building and have been doing research on *all* aspects of the room in the past 2 months....finally have the boldness to ask for help.

Thanks in advance and please let me know if I've left anything out.
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I'm not sure by the drawing how 'round' the room is, or if it is more octagonal? You might have better luck reversing the room and have the alcove near the back of the room. Many studios have a similar design. Interesting design, this is one of those rooms an acoustical model and/or on site measurments would really help get the best out of that room.

Round type rooms can present many problems. I'd be less inclined to spend much on equipment and more on getting some expert acoustical help. You might want to try AVS's service for acoustical treatments. It is a heck of a bargain and would be a much better investment. Use what you have for equipment now, equipment is a lot easier to upgrade in the future than getting the room right.
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The area that is symmetrical outside of the 6' 6" alcove at the top will consist of 11 different walls...so whatever that would be.

Is this the service you were talking about? Pro Theater Layout Part Number PTL ($600)?

I definitely need (I use this word with some humility) to replace the sub and the receiver. My current sub is "subpar" at being a 6" Powered front-firing sub. The receiver is currently a Pioneer VSX-D510 (RCA switching only!). I feel comfortable making those changes.

Would I be best served buying some used S26ii or S36ii for the 2 additional channels or should I go for a current offering from JBL?

Thanks again for the advice, I appreciate it.
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The receiver and the sub would definitely be worth replacing. The Pro layout service is what I was talking about. It is a great value, most design plans would be several thousand and up. I think it only covers acoustic treatments and speaker layout but even still it is one heck of a deal and worth it to start with a good layout.

Especially in a non-standard room like yours. I'm not sure how flexible your layout can be but they will work with you to get the best out of it. Even if you only do 5.1 for now it would be worth it to get a good layout. 7.1 and other upgrades will be easier to do in the future if you start with a good room. It is tough to stress how big a role the room plays in achieving good sound.
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BobL is giving you excellent advise. That room could be great or a disaster, depending on the right treatments in the right places. if we can help you, shoot us an email.
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Thanks for the good advice. Once we get the final bid from our builder and finalize the room, there is a very good chance I' be taking that advice!
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Quite frankly, $2000 won't buy you anything. I am considering a 2.1 channel system, that alone will run a good $5000
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Two immediate thoughts if I may. By placing your fronts behind the screen you are limiting your choices, as separation between speaker and wall can often make or break the quality of sound. There are speakers that will work with this configuration, far more that will not.
With a 7.1 setup, unless that back row is seldom used, you may want to bring it forward a bit, 5' or so would probably do it.

I wouldn't listen to me though, heed the advice for professional consultation.

Congrats on your plans. It could be a beautiful room, please stay in touch and report back.
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I definately will. After 6 hours of reading the construction threads ans soundproofing topics I realized was getting too excited and only know enough to be dangerous.

At some point I'll be back with the final room design that will definately be designed by someone with experience. There aren't any in this area (Bentonville, AR) so I'll be reaching out. Thanks for all of the advice.
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