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Most basic video distribution

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For my new house I will distribute the terrestrial TV (digital) via RG6 and I will have all "smart" TVs connected to the network for things like Netflix, plus a media server with ripped DVDs, music and other content.

In my main TV location I will also have cable, mostly for some live sports.

This setup should cover 99% of my needs.

For the other 1%, what would be the most basic way to distribute the cable signal to the other TVs? I am talking about all TVs receiving the same channel, and no need to have any control remotely (e.g. set the channel to the football game I want to watch and then go to bedroom to watch it).

Ideally the output of the cable box (or even better the AV receiver in the main TV room) would be modulated in another digital channel that all other TVs could receive. But where I live the terrestrial signal is DVB-T MPEG-4, and I couldn't find any relatively low cost product that could do this. If you know any, please let me know.

Other than that, what would be the best way to get what I want?
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What cabling do you have available? A simple solution would be to output the cablebox to an HDMI splitter and distribute the HDMI signal over Cat5e/Cat6.

Monoprice 1x4 HDMI® Amplifier Splitter over CAT5e/CAT6 Complete Solution Kit.
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I may be mistaking, but every device with REAL HDBaseT in it must have the HDBaseT logo on the box. Though I haven't seen any at this monoprice unit that ljo000 offered in a previous post.As an option for the device on monoprice you can also look at BZB Express website. This AT-HD-V14SS unit, made by Atlona Technologies, has two HDMI inputs and four CAT5/6 outputs. You can purchase AT-HDRS receiver units separately.
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I'm not sure about the labeling for the monoprice one. All I know is that it uses a single cat5e/cat6 run and says its HDBaseT in the description on the website.
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How many TVs?

Three solutions come to mind:
1) ZVBox
2) Component video distribution amp w/ Cat5 outputs
3) HDMI distribution amp w/ Cat5 outputs.
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Originally Posted by Justas View Post

I may be mistaking, but every device with REAL HDBaseT in it must have the HDBaseT logo on the box.

I don't see that requirement listed on the HDBaseT website, but it could be in the adopter agreement. What I do see is the Certification Logo program, which seems more likely.

Now, that said, if *I* made an HDBaseT product today, I'd absolutely plaster that logo on the product, as it's certainly a value-add feature to advertise...

(and lastly, the images shown on Monoprice could be pre-production artwork, too)

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Thanks for the answers.

I initially had a look at ZVBox, but this seems to be a North America only product and I live in Europe. Anything similar that will work with DVB-T MPEG-4?

HDMI splitter over Cat6 seems like a good idea. Do these work without the issues that cheap HDMI Matrix products have? Also are there any similar (and not very expensive) products that have their receiver units powered over Ethernet?
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Amazingly enough you have to pay to put the HDBaseT logo on your kit - unlike most licensed Tech who insist you display the relevant logo theses boys insist you don't unless you pay for the privilege!

Power over HDBaseT (PoH) and Power over Cable (PoC) are options that can be included with Extender products - though they are optional so look for it as a supported Feature on any units you are considering!

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