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Polk 505 or Bic PL-200?

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I am in the market for a new sub. Currently looking at the Bic PL 200 or Polk 505. It will be used for about 60% music 30% movies and 10% gaming. I already have Polk Tsi 500's for fronts, CS20 center and Tsi 200 for surrounds. These are powered by Pioneer 1121-K.
Either of these two sub I can afford and I have been trying to find out which would be better. Don't have the time to go through so many pages more than what I have read already. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Bic from what I've read though I've not listened to either of those subs directly.
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The PL-200 is generally the most recommended in the under $300 range. Check Josh Ricci's excellent review at www.data-bass.com.

http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volum...er-4-2005.html - Ed Mullen review of 505, little output below 30-35 Hz but still may be reasonable for music and some HT situations. " As expected, room gain helped considerably to improve deep extension, with the Polk holding flat to about 25 Hz, and then dropping to -10 dB at 20 Hz" . Polk sub amps have generally been quite reliable.
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I haven't heard the pl-200, but I did compare the f12 and 505 when I was looking for a sub. For my budget and tastes the 505 was the winner when it came to music that i like (electronic based music mostly, some 60's-90's pop rock stuff too). For movies they both performed pretty much equally. I run dual 505's and love it and absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a decent budget sub.

Note- I didn't intend to run duals, but some months after i purchased my 505 from the egg, I found a new in box 505 on local craigslist for less then a benjamin, so I jumped all over it. If one has it in their budget to buy dual 505's new (even on sale from the egg) I recommend stepping up to a single better quality higher end sub, hsu, rythmik, svs, etc.
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Thanks, guys. I was thinking of going dual with either, but it looks like I will be better served by going to a single better sub. I will look at the HSU or Legend.
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