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Aio htpc & nas?

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Did some searching and did not find anything. Not looking for any hardware advice, but rather philosophical advice. I just broke down and bought a cable card. If it works to my liking I am probably going to take the leap and update the HTPC which is currently a pretty old throw together. The current NAS is an even older throw together that I believe has a drive that just went out.

Would it just make sense if I plan to have the HTPC pretty much always on with the cable card addition to incorporate the two? I would say 80% of the time the NAS is used to stream stuff to the HTPC anyways, 10% is backup, 5% is moving files from computer to computer and then the last 5% is remote accessing files. Combining the two I think will make even more sense when windows 8 comes out.
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I came across a few nice cases that would be prefect for a NAS/HTPC. I thought about making one, but i already have a synology NAS.

Lian Li PC-Q18

thread dedicated to builds with it http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?...ghlight=PC-Q18

and upcoming Lian Li PC-Q18 http://www.lian-li.com/v2/en/product...index=0&g=spec
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