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Corner TV and 2 windows with Soundbar

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Hi, this is another Corner TV setup question. Mine is on a wooden corner shelf with curtained-windows either side, as shown in the attached (very rough) drawing. TV is a 46" Panasonic G20 Plasma - lovely picture, but would like to improve sound for movie-watching

I have a long-term plan to brick up and plaster over the smaller window and to remove the horrible faux chimney wall we inherited (its really disgusting), at which point I'll mount the TV where the small window is and go for either a decent AV Receiver & 5.1 or a decent soundbar, I guess.

But for now (a few years while the kids get bigger, probably) I need a reasonable sound improvement with as little work to setup as possible, so a soundbar seems the best option (though I'm not sure where it would sit). I have a budget of around £500 GBP.

Does anyone have experience of using a soundbar in this type of corner setup, especially with the curtains being so close and on both sides?

Thanks in advance for any insights!
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The only problem with your current layout is you'll have trouble finding a decent place for your subwoofer. All your corners have some sort of obstruction such as doors or fireplace, and the one wall that would have worked really well, has a giant glass door. Otherwise placing the sound bar below or above the tv (which is closest to ear level when viewing) will be just fine.
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Hey NoStatik, thanks for the reply. I'm glad to hear that the main part of the soundbar would be OK there. There's some space underneath and to the side of the TV shelf, so I might try it there. I'm also thinking about taking the fireplace out, and a sub would probably fit nicely in the gap! Only other option is the cupboard on the far wall which has an open front and square sections ...
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Assuming there's items inside the cupboard, avoid it at all costs. I'd stick with putting it to the side of the TV shelf until that fireplace is removed. Best thing to do is use a technique referred to as Sub Crawl
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