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PQ is ok. WABC has an HD sub channel so it takes away from the video quality.

What I find odd is the audio mix.
The arena sound in the L & R front are as loud as the announcers in the center channel and there is almost no sound in the rears.
If you are listening to the DD 5.1 audio down mixed on a TV with stereo speakers the announcers are at times totally lost in the sound of the arena and impossible to understand.
Is this a normal audio mix for an NBA game on ESPN?
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Once again the arena sound is much louder then the announcers.
On a stereo down mix by the TV they are very hard to understand.
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As far as I'm aware, ESPN/ABC still pump up the sound of the commentators over the crowd. I haven't noticed any changes, but I would be very happy if they didn't drown out the crowd and elevate the commentators over it. You used to hear the crowd on NBC back in the 90s/early 2000s and there were times Marv Albert had to scream and you still couldn't hear him.
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You are never going to find an audio mixer who will mix crowd/nats hotter than commentators (because quite honestly the crowd isn't being paid millions of dollars to be the network's talent). Nor will you find many producers who want their talent yelling on air (that's why we put people in booths).
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It may not be intentional but again today on the down mix from 5.1 to stereo the announcers are at about the same level as the crowd and can not be heard clearly.

When I switch to WNBC-DT for WSH @ NYR, granted there is no music during game play like the NBA, the announcers are a little easier to hear on the 5.1 to stereo down mix done by the TV.
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