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Yamaha ysp-2200 vs Sony HTCT550W vs others ?

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I am in need of a good sounding setup for a small bedroom that has a Plasma TV, Media PC, Verizon Cable box, & VCR

Please forgive me as I am not an expert with this type of stuff.

I do need 2 Digital Optical inputs. Need something low in Height (<5") to fit under the TV & can't really wire sorround sound speakers around the room & I dont have a huge budget <800.00.

So I did some research & found the Sony HTCT550W Soundbar which fits all my requests so I purchased it & set up & I am dissapointed with the sound. Avg at best in my opinion. I want better.

So I did some more research & then found the Yamaha ysp-2200. It has all the inputs I need & is only a little more $$ which is fine with me. But before I buy it & return the Sony I wanted to know if it does produce better sound ?

If so is it a little better or a lot bettter ?

Or would it be better to get a seperate Receiver & 5.1 speakers but put all the speakers horizontally across rather than around the room.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Anyone else try this comparison? Please share your thoughts.
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The Yamaha is a considerable step up from the Sony IMHO. I wouldn't go with a 5.1 with everything up front. However a good 2.1 or 3.1 (no surrounds) might give better sound quality depending on the speakers and the set up.
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I heard both in a local Expo store. The YSP is better...and the one I purchased. I am pleased with it.
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I've tried the Sony CT-550 and even the BDV-F7 and returned them both. The Sony soundbars do not sound right for me. I'm in the process of doing the manual setup on the YSP-2200 for an awkward room, but so far it sounds good.
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Just to followup, I did consider the YSP2200, but for the price, I ended up going with a speaker set, receiver, and will eventually add a sub. I think it would be a better value overall. I have the space, so I think it makes sense to get it. I'm also not that concerned with having a "clean" look.

I did order the Sony CT550W from walmart, but they never got around to shipping it (still processing after 3 days!). I ended up canceling the order.
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