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Uverse is IPTV so it's as fast as changing from one multi-cast IP address to another. This is considerably faster than tuning into a signal.
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Originally Posted by shortcut3d View Post

Uverse is IPTV so it's as fast as changing from one multi-cast IP address to another. This is considerably faster than tuning into a signal.

My understanding is the UVerse, as soon as you change channels switches on a low-bandwidth (I believe 1/4 resolution) unicast stream to your STB, and runs with that stream until the next i-frame in the multicast group, at which point it switches to the multicast full-res stream and the unicast stream ends.
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Time to resurrect this thread.

I am about to purchase an external cable TV tuner. I currently have One TV running a HTPC, another TV that can be connected to window7 PC, and a couple of other laptops that potentially could want to watch TV from. I am switching to Verizon in a couple of weeks, and am getting the cable card instead of the costly boxes. After reading this thread, I am considering the Ceton InfinitiTV4, the SD Homerun Prime and the Hauppauge DCR-2650. My budget is $200 or less.

It seems like the Ceton and SD will be the front runners due to the 3/4 tuners. I don't think I will use more than 3, since we mostly only watch on the HTPC TV, and rarely use the second TV. I am sure from time to time we will use the laptops, but not very often. It seems that the big difference besides the number of tuners is that one is connected to the PC via USB, verse the other through the network via Ethernet. I was thinking that it would be better to go with the Ceton for that reason. However, I am no expert, and am hoping to see if there are benefits to one over the other. I am also curious if much has changed since May of last year when this thread died.

I am new to the HTPC market, and appreciate any help with making this choice.
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It really depends on how much "live" tv you wish to watch vs stuff you record... I generally prefer the ceton for one computer and the prime for multiple pcs that need to access live tv... if your budget was a little higher you might consider the 6 ETH from ceton as that also would allow dynamic tuner sharing. The good thing is that your recorded content (other than HBO/Max) with verizon will be playable on any as all but those two networks (I wanted to say channels but there are several HBOs and several MAXs) are copy freely.
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The SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime 3CC changes channels considerably faster than the Ceton InfiniTV6 ETH. In addition, the SiliconDust drivers do not have the spinning blue circle (wait cursor) "feature" in Windows Media Center, whereas the Ceton drivers have a 3-5 second pause when first loading WMC. SiliconDust seems to advance their firmware at a faster more regular interval than Ceton. For example, DLNA streaming is available on the Prime as a completely new feature. The next generation Prime due in late summer / fall will have hardware transcoding as well. SiliconDust also has very nice indicator lights verses a single activity light for Ceton. Lastly, the Ceton hardware run hot, so if you have high ambient temperatures then it may be a problem. With that said, I switched from a SiliconDust HDHomerun Prime 6CC to a Ceton InfiniTV6 ETH because of the number of tuners per CableCARD / Cable Outlet. I wouldn't say I was exactly happy with the switch. Somehow I thought the Ceton InfiniTV6 ETH would improve upon the 2nd generation tuner experience because it was released a couple years later. I think the new SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime 4-tuner with hardware transcoding and DLNA will be a true 3rd generation experience.
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Maybe the ETH has the same NIC as the echo?
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Originally Posted by ludvball View Post

I am new to the HTPC market, and appreciate any help with making this choice.

If you only need 3 tuners get the SD Prime, hands down. Cheaper and just works, firmware is very stable now, and none of the other issues that people run into with the Ceton stuff as mentioned above.
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SD Prime is what I was leaning towards. Thanks for the updates/advice.
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If you are on Verizon FiOS, the SD tuners are you ticket. I have two HDHR3-CC tuners, only one of the two uses a cable-card for encrypted premium channels. Verizon FiOS doesn't encrypt non premium channels.(no cable card needed).
What really makes the SD tuners stand-out in my book is scalability and redundancy. You can always add more tuners, and if it should ever happen, a single tuner failure won’t bring down the “wrath of the wife”.
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I have not heard of what the price would be on the HDHR4-CC but that also is probably what I would choose if available... (I do not have an answer as to whether or not you should wait as there is always that next thing and who knows when it is coming out)

I have both a prime and ceton i4 USB at one of my locations (ceton pcie and usb at another, and one usb unit I take with me regardless of my location)... with the exception of a TA problem at one location I have with the ceton usb with a (soft) restart of the computer (solution... always shut down, never restart) they all have run flawlessly for the past several months (for those that read all my posts, I also had a problem that also affected the STBs and tuning adapters so I'm not counting that as it affected everything).... at least for now on the cetons I can even disable EAS messages from reaching WMC (which is not something I recommend but some areas just have way too many tests and alerts for 100s of miles away) which SD has said there is no way they could under the rules.

In the location with both, I generally use the prime to serve the laptops, though I do occasionally try assigning one tuner from the ceton to other computers, I have not heard of as many problems getting the ceton to pair properly with verizon as I have with the prime (SD's response basically has been we have just given up dealing with them, at one time they thought they had a contact but it fell through, but ceton seems to contact the right people if you have a problem with a provider)... however now that most know that after pairing, to call them and use the word validate it should not be that much of a problem and if one doesn't subscribe to hbo/max it doesn't matter.

My problem is I can't imagine only 3 tuners... 4 is barely enough and given the chance to have 6 with one cablecard rental for some providers would trump everything else (I can't remember verizon's total cablecard fee but some providers, in addition to the $2-$3/month rental also charge a gateway fee per device so sometimes it is a little more than just the card rental) So in my opinion, assuming recorded content is to be viewed on the laptops with verizon as the provider, I would lean to a 4 tuner model and not worry about sharing tuners... Once you have 4 tuners, it is hard to go back to 3. I also have the feeling this person's network isn't all that great based on the comment that they would prefer usb (though moca with verizon can easily remedy the network situation since usually with verizon one has half of it to begin with)

For most, either would be great and serve the purpose and you must weigh dynamic tuner sharing (pooling)and network connection vs. the extra tuner and usb connection. Right now the dlna stuff isn't as polished to wish it on anyone but can be fun to play with (in my case nearly all my channels are protected so dlna on the tuner really doesn't work for me). If you can find the ceton on sale, it usually costs about the same and well worth it for the extra tuner. I only mentioned the 6 ETH as that provides an additional 2 tuners (3 over the prime) as well as the dynamic tuner sharing so that makes the question ethernet or usb (though price is also a consideration). I would not recommend the hauppauge usb version of what is essentially the prime with only 2 tuners. One other consideration might be if you ever decide to use a mac or linux over windows... though ceton does have linux drivers, I believe the prime is better supported in the apple and linux communities.
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Originally Posted by billdacat View Post

Verizon FiOS doesn't encrypt non premium channels.(no cable card needed).
This probably varies by location... most people I know on verizon have had most of their clear qam chipped away at over the years and is now basically locals (HD and SD) and the SD stream of wgn and encrypt most everything else, however what they do encrypt is not protected with the exception of HBO/Max... If this were the case who would ever get a box and I would just use my tv and other clear qam tuners/recorders that won't pay attention to cgms flags.
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Originally Posted by tgrinch View Post

Sammy2 - are you planning on using those PCs with the networked tuner features of the Prime or InfiniTV? If so, does Charter flag their content? If they do, you will only be able to watch protected content on the machine it recorded so consider this in the equation or plan to use real WMC extenders.

I use the HDHR Prime now. The reason being is the signal is superior in my Office over my Family Room where the HTPC resides and I can get it there via Ethernet from the prime. Occasionally I watch on my PC in my office too.

Charter in my area flags the digi tears and premiums for the most part. I have both digi tiers but not any premiums. I can only watch recorded content from the channels on the HTPC and extender as Idon't really record on other PC's.

There is not many TV's in my house as there is not many people so three tuners work but there's been a couple times when all three were in use. Otherwise I'd certainly opt for more tuners.
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