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Beginning Journey - need advice

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Hi All,

I am just starting the journey into streaming my media.... up till now it's been disc based however with multiple TV's and the demands of the kids I've decided to move to a streamed environment.

I am at step one in this journey and am looking for advice on several topics:
- House is wired for Cat6 to all points and is all GigB hardware throughout.
- Currently I have a few ripped DVD's that are in VOB format
- Storage will be a NAS
- Have need for 2 streamers with slightly different requirements

1 - What is the recommended format to rip the DVD's and BluRay discs into? Storage space isn't too much of a concern. I have DVDFab licenses.

2 - Player #1 - Bedroom
- small footprint and silent (no fan).
- wired lan (wireless not required)
- stream from network (no internal HDD required)
- HDMI output only needed
- Coverart would be nice (wife would like it more then)
- Internet apps aren't important

3 - Player #2 - Main TV room
- Footprint not an issue as it will be installed into a std AV cabinet
- wired lan (wireless not important)
- stream from network (internal HDD not important)
- COMPONENT output - both the TV and Receiver are older and do not have HDMI
- Jukebox functionality
- Stable and easy to use - this one will get a LOT of use form the wife and kids

Appreciate I may be a little vague or have left details out - its' a case of not knowing what I don't know yet - been doing a little research to date but that has thrown up more confusion.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Does anyone have input?
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1. MakeMKV for rips.

2. WD TV Live SMP for the bedroom.

3. WD TV Live Hub for the living room. It does have component output. Limited on what you can stream from the net though.

This would be your least expensive solution to start out with.
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Dune player for the living room. Anything else for the bedroom. I've got a AIOS ($80.00 dollars) media player for our master bedroom, and it plays all my files without any issues.

However, if you want a jukebox for the AIOS, you will have to put some work into it at the beginning. I got tired of it, and stopped using the jukebox for the AIOS.

Dune+Zappiti = "It just works."
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Look at Netgear NeoTV 550, available for ~$85 from Amazon. I'd want same unit in both places for consistency in UI. The 550 is reaching end of life support, but it would do everything you want. Music works very well. .iso dvd and blu-ray works very well and you have the storage space. It comes with a component cable.

Buy one and check it out - if for some reason you don't like it, return within 30 days. If you like it, buy a 2nd.
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dune plus zapitti or popcorn a210 plus yamj (or a300 but then have to use flash yamj, cannot use html version) for both locations - either will require some work to get the jukebox set up

i would just get the same player in both locations so no learning curve for the rest of the family - i have four popcorn hours for just that reason
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Originally Posted by gsouth View Post

Does anyone have input?

As others have mentioned a couple of PCH A300's would be good. I think Dune's are overpriced.

Here's another option which you can look into:

Roku - hdmi, no fan, run Plex on it for local playback and you get the Roku's excellent net streaming capabilities.

WDTV Hub or A300 for Living Room

Run Plex Media Server on an Intel Atom based NAS ( or a computer- the video files need not live on the same computer as the one running the Media Server). Plex will give you great metadata and a great jukebox, will allow the Roku to play local and network stuff and will serve the WDTV or A300 via DLNA if you feel like it.

Synology makes a 2 bay NAS that can run Plex just fine. They also have 4+ bay units but these are more expensive

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