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I rescued a Samsung CRT 26"widescreen CRT TV from the dumpster. Someone was throwing it away and put it next to the trash compactor in my appartment complex. When I saw it I said "Wow! What a really nice TV. I wonder what's wrong with it." I took it home and tested it. I found the right sound channel kept dropping out intermittently and had static sound on ocation. I noticed when I slapped it sometimes the sound would return.

I removed the back cover and started looking for the speaker hookups. They tested good and had good continuity connections so I started tracing the paths to the sound amp chip. I looked for the pins for output to the speakers as well as the inputs from the sound processor. I notice a jumper wire that had kind of an corroded solder connection. I reflowed it and the sound came back. It never dropped out after that. I injucted a cross hatch pattern and readjusted convergence and focus.

I noticed the geometry of the picture was poor and hourglassed on the sides. Also the image coming form component and HDMI connection were cut off on all four sides giving the picture a zoomed effect all the time (TV was not set to zoom mode, I checked). There were other geometric flaws as well that I won't get into. I read a little on-line about this TV and found I need to enter service mode to adjust for these flaws but in order to do this I would need the remote control. Since I rescued this TV form the dump and the owner prob threw the remote in the copactor I had to order one for $30.00 U.S.

I recieved my remote in the mail and made the geometric adjustments and saved them in the firmware memory. This T.V. is as optimally tuned as I think anyone can make it. It's sharp, has great color, and all images line up allmost pefectly as good as any CRT can that is. I am happy and for $30 I think it was worh it as CRTs last a long time even if they are heavey and bulky.

My guess as to why the owner got rid of this T.V. is prob because the sound kept dropping out on the right channel and the picture cut off on the sides making full viewing of HD programming unsatisfying. My guess is this TV was either calibrated incorrectly at the factory or a service tech or non-qualified individual got into service mode and tinkered with it. Who know? In any event I can understand why they thew it out. Well thire loss is my gain and I am pleased for now with it. smile.gif
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I work in the industry and you would be hard pressed to give that tv away. I pick up 40" hd tube tv's that people just want to get rid of fairly commonly in my line of work. They actually pay us to take them away. Post it on craigslist for free and see if you can get a few bites.
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In addition to my other post, I bought a 47" LG LCD tv this February for $500 brand new. That's why those old heavy fossils aren't worth anything. Nobody wants to pay the same price for a 300 pound paper weight as they would a 40 pound hd beauty with a much larger screen. I moved 2 of those 40" crt pieces of crap last week. Trust me it's no fun. As far as getting the one out of your mother's house, good luck because my partner damn near dropped one of the tv's we were carrying.
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