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Help choosing new htpc

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I'm ready to pull the trigger on a new htpc, and I'm looking for a little help with some questions. I'd like to buy a prebuilt machine rather than build unless there's a great advantage to building. While I can do it, it seems like a hassle if I can find something comparative pre built. Here are some things that I am looking for but some are negotiable. I'm hoping there are a couple popular models that you guys can suggest. looking around on the internet seems like a needle in a hay stack.

Price: $400-$600
min i3 processor
HDMI (I think I want HD2000 graphics)
min 4gb ram
USB 3.0 (nice to have)
the bigger the hard drive the better, but these are easy to add later

Let me know if I left out any details, and thanks ahead of time for any help!
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These guys makes HTPCs: http://www.amazon.com/shops/AJRCZX9Q5XEIM
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I've been considering those, and I read his guide as well. It seemed like I could walk out of best buy with an i3 and intel hd2000 graphics for less than that.

For example, something like this

Here's another question. Would everyone recommend I buy a blu ray drive in the pc or just get a seperate blu ray player. Last time I was reading on this subject it seemed like there weren't a lot of players who would support the audio formats on the pc.
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If you care about menus, the "just works" stuff, and audio bitstreaming...the HTPC route seems like a big hassle as a bluray player. I rip them and then I think it's reasonable (especially if you don't care about lossless audio formats), but for disk playing or before ripping I'd personally get a standalone player.
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Thanks, sounds like I'll buy a seperate blu ray player and not worry about integrating that in to the pc.

Any comments on the pc model that I posted? I'm considering picking that up pretty quickly.
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Originally Posted by TommiWan View Post

Thanks, sounds like I'll buy a seperate blu ray player and not worry about integrating that in to the pc.

Any comments on the pc model that I posted? I'm considering picking that up pretty quickly.

Don't do anything "pretty quickly". An extra day or two of letting people respond to this thread and offer opinions will serve you well. So will additional reading (see below).

Let me just say that there are NUMEROUS Dell/HP/Gateway/Zotac/etc mass production threads here at AVS with discussions and reasons you should consider as to why these make suboptimal choices for HTPC.

Do some reading. May lead to less buyer's remorse later. Otherwise I will not offer an opinion.
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If your looking to save time by buying a prebuilt pc over building one here's a little tip. The time to research, purchase, assemble is minor over the time it takes to install windows, install all the needed software and codecs, and make the changes to make it look cool. You may save a bit of time buying but you will still spend a bunch of time setting it up. If you have ever set up a regular PC before it will help but there much much more to a HTPC set up.

If you don't have the time (or like to mess with it) I'd look at one of Assassins prebuilts.
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If your set on buying a prebuilt system, there is no better place tha here:http://assassinhtpc.com/

Its a no brainer.
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Okay , okay ... I call a time out !

@ the op .

I could go on one of the longest dissertations in the history of man kind on why a pre built pc , let alone a pre built htpc is just not now nor will ever be a wise choice . I will spare u this agony . However , I will list some of the more obvious reasons to consider either #1 building it your self or #2 having a custom builder do it for you . Yes, Assassin PC would be my first choice if I wanted a custom built unit. Actually , it doesn't have to be a total custom expensive unit either . Assassin is right here ... just send him a pm and at least give em a shot at informing you further and see where it goes.

#1 Best Buy ? Really ? No , I just know your not serious about this . You do know that as soon as you walk out the door they are done with you . Uh, no... the $8 per hr. isle jockey is not going to help you

#2 BLOAT WARE out the ying hole . Will take you hours or more to get all that crap off of the computer and will still leave bits of fragmentation on the system that could (will) cause other issues . Custom build or built
and YOU get to decide what goes on the htpc AND you get consultation all the way . You get what u pay for !

#3 Who makes the mother board , ram , fans , dvd drive , hard drive ... etc. ? Nope , you will not have a clue and this really matters when issues start to arise . Those "store boughts" have CHEAP , no name parts that are designed to fail just out side of the warranty period. Really ? , Yes .. really.

#4 Who's going to help you set up all that pretty new software that it takes to run the htpc ? I bought Assassins paid guides and did it my self with some extra help from the forum and quite frankly , I have a really kick ass system that gives a really cool htpc appearance and works smooth as butta

Again , that is about 50 % of the reasons to NOT do store bought .

Click the link in my sig. This fella ain't no joke !
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